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Fur is the main raw material in the textile industrial and as long as it remains a key raw material animals will continue to die because they are the only source of fur. Fur is said to be the only natural material that can keep warm because in today’s world where climate change has left people with many cold seasons they opt for fur as the main materials for textile industry. This is a misconception because, in the modern world where there are many options for fiber and materials for textile industry, people do not need to kill animals for fur. Industrially produced or synthetic fiber is also warm like natural fiber and no animal is killed. Technology has tremendously developed, and a combination of other fibers can easily produce excellent quality warm material.

We know it is the responsibility of every person to take care of the animal according to the animal rights, but many people will argue that making proper use out of the animals is also their right. The number of people keeping rabbits and sheep in their homes is increasing. The two animals are an excellent source of meat and fur. They not only want them as pets but as a source of income. Almost every person would want to get into the lucrative business of selling fur, but others are deterred because of personal reasons and animal rights.

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The question everyone needs to ask is this, should these animals be cruel killed if they have to die for fur or meat? Should fur be the only source of warm fiber for the textile industry? People have different beliefs, and it is extremely hard to formulate any rationale for everyone’s needs. Some people believe that the only fiber they can use for clothing and feel warm must be fur but I tend to disagree. The most valuable thing here is warmth. If warmth can be achieved by the use of any other fiber, then, people should be ready to adopt other means.

There are no laws restricting people from killing an animal for fur, and this means that use of fur in the textile industry is still legal. The only way this can be controlled is by formulating policies or laws restricting the use of fur in the textile industry. This regulation should avail specific alternatives for fur. The importance for informing people about the reasons for the restrictions is making them easily adapt to the new law. The other reason for enlightening people is to ensure they overrule their superstitions and beliefs concerning the use of fur. Some people use fur for clothing because of their cultural beliefs and practices. Such people would find it difficult to part with these cultural beliefs, but through the process of enlightenment, they can transform their thinking.

Many people argue that it is ethical to wear clothes made of fur. The question is whether it is also ethical to wear clothes made of synthetic fiber? Environmentalist will argue that the use of synthetic fiber causes more harm to the human being than the use of fur. This is because they believe the use of synthetic will cause environmental pollution while fur from animals is natural, renewable, and sustainable. The challenge that comes up is concerned with the issue of killing animals. It is not ethical to continue killing animals for fur. Many anti-fur campaigners always base their argument on the fact that morally it is not right to kill for fur. Serious skeptics face this moral argument because morality is only a factor in the code of belief or conduct. This is because it would automatically be wrong also to kill animals for consumption if killing them for fur is wrong. Another question that many will ask is as follows. Who is the right person to determine what is morally wrong or right as far as the issue of animals is concerned? Whose moral code is better than the other is, since people have different views concerning animals and their products. People argue that leather is also an animal product and as long as it remains in use for clothing, then fur should also be used as well since it is also an animal product. Environmentalists should take broad decisions and protect all animals. The use of leather and meat from animals should also be banned since consumption of these products means loss of animal life.

In conclusion, the form of arguments concerning the use of fur will always be flawed. There is no universal code that people can apply when they are arguing for or against the use of fur in the textile industry. In most cases, people argue that the anti-fur use campaigners never direct their anger against the tribesmen who use fur for clothing because of their culture but toward the most wealthy people who use fur simply because they want class and to show off their money. Morally no one can tell if fur should or should not be used for clothing be we all know that in the modern society fur is simply used for fashion. There are other types of fiber that be used in replacement for fur. This means that the use of fur for clothing and survival which is secondary. The argument here is the fact that animals should not necessarily die so that people can dress up while there are other means to substitute fur.


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