Free «It is Worthy to Spend Four Years in a College» Essay Sample

College instills knowledge required to broaden one’s horizon. Within the four years, a student learns many courses apart from the main Major. For instance, some courses offered in the universities are meant for those who have the interest to learn more about a certain subject. An example is a person taking Engineering major may take a short course in Communication, Entrepreneurship, or foreign languages and Computer studies. Such courses expandone’sknowledge and intellectual power by enhancing hisor her emotional, moral, and religious interests.

Second, college offers for a student a better chance of obtaining a well-paid job. With the ever advancing technology, many jobs now require employees with a college education due to the complicated nature of the jobs. For instance, in the job market, people who attained a 4-year degree get a higher starting salary than those with a 2-year associate degree. Those with a Bachelors degree do well in the job market since they have more intellectual and experiential knowledge, thus earning a higher salary.

Third, for the bachelor’s degree, students spend the first two years taking the general education courses such as Mathematics, humanities, English and other courses required. After completing the general education, students proceed with their core courses. Reducing the number of years would be overworking the student’s mind by pumping in a lot of information in their minds within a short time.

College offers the opportunity for one to meet and live with people from different cultures, ethnicity, race and locations. This allows for diversity. Diversity helps students appreciate people irrespective of their backgrounds. Through exchange of ideas, students increase their intellectual knowledge. Taking four years in college is the only way one can get time to experience the social aspects that college offers, by meeting and getting involved with a diverse group of people.


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