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Temporary workers have many problems when compared to permanent ones morale being one of the major issues. These workers spend the same time at work places and do the same jobs or even more but receive less privileges as their coworkers who are employed permanently, these can be so discouraging. Joining the new places of work may require compulsory training for temporary workers regardless of their skills; sometimes however this training may really be completely unnecessary (Olson, 2011). Currently, courts highlight the rights of temporary workers more seriously. This has affected the contracts between companies and temporary employees leading to constrains in some of them. In addition, temporary workers are usually exposed to dangerous or hazardous jobs since these workers may not have enough experience.

The ongoing employees may not be happy with new employees’ presence, they may dislike their inexperience and lack of skills, and they may be unwilling to share their knowledge hence big collaboration issues between these workers (Olson, 2011). Temporary employees usually spend very little time in a business, this usually is not enough time to make them get attached to it because they miss out on promotions and pay rises which motivate workers. Contingent workers can be used by various companies to address these issues, for example most contingent workers are trained and thus have the necessary skills and knowledge for a particular job they are assigned to by a company (DeGilder, 2003). This enables reduction in costs as well as boosting confidence of these workers.

Besides since they don’t undergo training they are not given many benefits or very high salaries thus reduced costs. Hiring of contingent workers also enables flexibility of the staff, especially during termination of the employment and when the skills of these workers even before employing them and this promote their morale. The employers can also employ and terminate these workers easily without legal repercussions (Mackie, 1995).


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