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As you know the skill of textual interpretation has no price. The study of literature and the fine arts need make no concession to any other intellectual venture. There are numbers of factors that articulate this conclusion. It is clear that literature in the society communicates with the community in a comprehensible manner. This is because it rehearses the outcomes of an action in an artistic way that enables it to flourish in the society. Literary canons of literature in the recent past have influenced the society lesser. This problemattributed to institutionalization of academics platforms such as universities that prevents them from adequately dealing with the challenges that face the discipline.

Bill Reading’s book ‘University in Ruins’ is an impressive contemporary work of fine art. It meticulously attacks the contemporary university culture characterized by vulnerability of human personalities. This is because past universities adequately instilled knowledge in the learners. However, this culture is quickly fading in the present day universities. There is a need to treat education patrons and student learning interfaces with absolute caution.

Thereasonliterature requires no concession from any other intellectual venture to thrive attributed to its authenticity. It is a cultural heritage meted deeply in the society. The societypasses itfrom one generation to another. It is readily available to all members of the community. As a result, it has enriched them with figurative imaginary to analyze objects and actions in the society. This breaks the daunting barriers that exist in the study of literaturetoother disciplines. This is because literature and fine arts are forms of entertainment and bring outthe profundity oftheir creators’ insights with regard to the society. This makes it the only discipline that guides people intellectually and emotionally.


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