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The changing landscape of global health conditions has called for the initiation and implementation of a number of strategies aimed at improving the levels of public health (Satcher, 2000). The role of smoking as a key ingredient in health problems forms the main reason behind debate on whether to ban smoking in public. A dissection of literature on smoking legislations indicates that a number of countries employ various perspectives to ban smoking in public. This paper takes a critical analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of smoking in order to answer the question of Should Smoking be banned in Public? The debate on whether to allow or ban smoking in public has drawn immense interests from researchers and economists and is a well researched issue in theoretical as well as empirical literatures. This issue has received renewed attention among various industry stakeholders and policy makers as governments continue to reform their public health policies.

Limitation of cigarette smoking in public

Smoking leads to death.

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  • The negative health effects that result from smoking cigarettes lead to  more than 443,000 deaths annually  (Satcher, 2000).
  • Smoking is responsible for causing more deaths than deaths from HIV, drug abuse, alcohol use, injuries from motor accidents, murders and suicides put together (Satcher, 2000).
  • It is estimated that smoking is responsible for about  90% of all lung cancer complications in men, and 80% of all lung cancer complications in women (Satcher, 2000).
  •  Smoking is also a cause of coronary heart diseases, which is the leading cause of deaths in the U.S.
  • Smoking of cigarettes also causes a reduction in the level of blood circulation in human body by tightening the blood vessels and is at risk of getting peripheral vascular diseases. Therefore when people are free to smoke in public, they put non-smokers at risk of getting diseases associated with smoking involuntarily.

Smoking is a big pollutant to the environment

Scientific studies coupled with accurate mathematical modeling techniques reveal that concentration of secondhand tobacco smoke is more in outdoor areas than indoor area and the health risk caused by such concentration is well beyond the acceptable limits. In this regard the government should take a decisive action to ban smoking in public so as to protect and prevent non-smokers from the risk of developing smoking related health complication involuntarily.

Smoking in public is unethical conduct which not only breaches the right of others, but also distracts and annoys non-smokers. Moreover, smoking in public causes emotional commotion between the smokers and non-smokers which may lead to conflicts, hence loose social ties among the people. In this regard, public smoking should be banned to protect the rights of non smokers. A ban on public smoking will enhance good societal ethics and norms.

Smoking causes economic problems due to high cost of health care treatments to smoking related cancer patient. The economics benefit of banning smoking in public when compared to smoking in public are great. It is prudent to note that prevention of diseases is a cheaper course than treating the complications derived from something which can be regulated such as smoking in public. Towards this, smoking in public should be banned.

The discussion on negative effects of smoking and whether to ban smoking in public is immense. The future global health condition would rely majorly on what smoking imitative measures countries choose to adopt. However, it proves difficult to mobiles the whole world to adopt a given course of action. Scientists and environmental experts try to gaze into the future by extrapolating the negative factors associated with smoking (Satcher, 2000). The prediction of the future is alarming and something needs to be done immediately. The solutions to negative effect of smoking in the public require a collaborative intervention. In this regard, the global community as well as the leadership of United State of America has a great role to play to protect the rights of both smokers and non-smokers. Therefore, governments should ban smoking in public.


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