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The ownership of this arena is a group of few joined companies; closely related companies. The estimated amount earned per hour by the company is approximately 40-50.This company is found in Dubai and very well known both by the locals and foreigners due to its adventurous nature-beautiful and exciting to be at all time. This achievement doesn’t come in a silver plate as many forces need to be put together. This is accomplished through involvement of volunteers whose efforts are much needed none inquisitively. These same people aid in promoting the area as they travel and interact with people of various beliefs and culture.

Ski Dubai is a well established company offering high quality services to its clients. This company was developed in November 2005 and the owner is called Majid Al Futtaim. Since then, the company has been doing well in business and it has managed to be ranked as the third largest in the world. The company offers fair prices depending on the choice of the customer. There are ways of paying for the tickets, the customer can either buy a ticket for all-day ski slope pass which is sold at a price of $ 73 or can decide to purchase a two hours ticket which cost $ 40.

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This company is situated within Mall of the Emirates and the company has more than 22,500 square meters of land covered with heavy snows. Professional surveyors have estimated the snow to be 85 meters high with a width of around 90 meters. The company has been without any constraints in offering quality services to its clients due to its qualified instructors, some of whom have been internationally recognized for their exellelent hard work.

Ski Dubai Company is one of the leading indoor ski resorts in the world offering services such as amazing snow setting to its customers. The clients enjoy snowboarding and skiing. Furthermore, the clients enjoy tobogganing and playing in the snow with the help of professionally trained instructors. The young and the old are not left behind as they are too equally entertained. Most clients are satisfied by the unique mountain-themed provided by Ski Dubai.

The company recruits the best instructors who will be trained further on how to handle and deliver quality services to the customers. The company focuses on satisfying customers and ensuring their safety through the provision of skiing clothing and equipments at a fee, which in most cases, is included in the ticket price.

In conclusion, the Ski Dubai Company offers the best skiing services to people who visit the place. Most clients, especially those from deserts, visit Dubai to ski on the snow since they rarely encounter the snow.


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