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The use of cell phones while driving has been documented to be on the increase in recent times. Statistics show that one out of every three drivers is using a phone at any given time. Though it is dangerous to use phones while driving, people use their phones for different reasons. For instance, due to the growing technology, smartphones such as I-Phones and blackberries have been invented and these phones can be used to do a wide range of things. Smartphones can be used to communicate via call or email, to check one’s account and keep in touch with news that is happening around. Tthe country has adopted means that people have to do constantly being on the move even while driving (Laberge-Nadeau para.5).

However, as long as many drivers seem to adapt to this way of life, statistics show that almost three out of every seven accidents are caused by the use of phones while driving. The use may be in many forms, and many effects that come with the problem have been documented (Stutts para.7). For instance, an assumption has been made that the most eminent danger of this problem is the impairment of judgment due to visual and cognitive distractions. The visual distractions that come with the use of phones are due to the sudden shift of images that the brain is at time unable to comprehend (Strayer & William, para3).

Because of the high number of accidents that are associated with this growing problem, a few ways in which the problem can be solved have been suggested. For instance, the government can formulate policies that prohibit the use of phones while driving. Another means of reducing this problem is advocating drivers to have with them hands free devices that they can use to operate their phones while driving. These suggestions might in the end be the main ways in which this problem can be solved (Crundall et al para.3).


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