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Despite the mixed reactions about the ideologies that would command the global market, it is absolutely sure that the society needs more right brain thinkers for the conceptual age. Considering the current economic trends in the world, it is very necessary for the economy to invest a lot in the design and creativity. In the view of the six aptitudes given about the conceptual age, it is evident that there are more opportunities for arts in the future than the past.

Daniel Pink defines the global era as a continuously growing sector. As far as the gradual growth of the economy is concerned, there has been a steady evolution from the industrial era through to the conceptual era. His article expounds on the great industrial demand for those who use the right part of the brain. In his book “a whole new mind”, Pink provides six key pillars supporting the application of the right brain. In his view, pink cites that the world is radically undergoing a transition from the information era to conceptual era. Information age is characterized with a linear and logical computer era. During this period, there was very less involvement in any form of creativity and design. In contrary to the information age, the conceptual era encapsulated more about creativity. Additionally, the book provides six basic aptitudes related to the right brain ideologies.

A second article in this review addresses a rational comparison between the left and the right parts of the brain. This book is written by James Olson on a title “The Whole-Brain Path to Peace”. Amongst many areas of application, the book provides information about the coming up of design work during the industrial age. In his book, James contradicts Pink’s idea of design eruption in the conceptual age. The book further states that the left brained persons are generally more intelligent than the right brained.

“A whole new mind” gives information about future’s fate for the right sided brain thinkers. In this approach, pink states that the future belongs only to the creative thinkers and artists. Need for right brain thinkers in the society have well been expounded in the book citing various ideologies. Additionally, the book provided base on how well the global economy prepares for skilled artists. A quotation provided in the book” MBA has currently changed to MAS” confirms that the field of arts is more demanded in the market than commerce.

Design and creativity have been considered as one of the key characteristic of a right sided brain thinker. The global market is currently in demand of new styles of ideas and technology. In the motor vehicle assembly industry, it has been evident that much advancement has resulted from design. As a result of the newly designed cars, the industry has been able to expand its market capacity by selling more products. In addition, the furniture industry is equally favored by the new designs of form utility.

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In the recent past, the global market has achieved a state where only goods and services offered in new styles would appeal. Right brain thinkers have played a lot of roles in the past concerning market influenced products. As the economic trends continually rise and change, there are more opportunities in the future for designers. These individuals would make changes in the manufacturing industries as well as service provision industries. Design aptitude would enable the manufactures to come up with user friendly items. The final result is that consumers get satisfied for the better services they receive.

Another factor that supports the need for the right brain thinking is the concept of story. Story is an aptitude that addresses how information traditionally evolved from one generation to the next. It would be very important for the society to consist of emotionally charged history of information evolution. In this context of conceptual era, such information would help positively charge the public to strive for perfection.

Additionally, another advantage of the right mind thinkers is the ability to foster good career relations. Symphony is yet another conceptual aptitude that encourages good relationships in various applications. In Pink’s book, he quotes that “Symphony is principally regarding relationships”. As far as the right brain implication is concerned, the society is dearly in need of people who can multi -task their career lines. Relating different ideas is essentially very important in the conceptual age. A case in point is evident when a company employs an electronic engineer. In case of any emergency, it would be very important for the employee to effectively relate the problem to his career. Such a relationship would only be possible in a society full of right mind thinkers.

One more advantage of the right brain usage is that it creates more room for the quality of empathy. An empathically charged society is well able to cultivate inter-personal relationships. For there to be a well strategized economic progress in the world, right brain thinking is very vital. In any form of organization, a lot of resources have in the past been invested in personal relations workshops. Through the help of empathy, it is important for the society to understand what the less fortunate group goes through. As far as Pink is concerned, it is possible for an empathically charged individual to deliver well. In whatever field of occupation, more returns are realized by those who feel in the “shoes” of their clients.

Factoring in the sense of empathy, the economy has got better chances for the right brains. In order to meet the global expectations of the economy, more right mind thinkers have are required. In his book, Pink outlines various modalities which can help a person to inculcate the spirit of empathy. He further gives various reasons why the future has got better chances for those with empathy skills.

An extra factor that supports the right brain thinking is the aspect of gaming. Research findings show that those with right brain thinking spends better part of their time in games. Games are very vital in the conceptual age. In regard to the developing technological innovations, it is very important for the society to merge work and play. This merger would inculcate more creativity and reduce boredom chances. The conceptual era facilitates improvement in the statistical ideas of solving problems.

In addition to gaming skills, there is more to do with how a person understands the meaning of life. Those who operate in the right side of the brain have the ability to live positively in the society. Pink Daniel states that understanding the real meaning of life is not connected to religiosity in any way. An individual should know the real meaning of life intrinsically from within. In the view of right brain thinking, it is possible to prosper in business ventures. As far as the book is concerned, it is true that the future of the economic world best fits the right brain users.

In as much as the conceptual age would highly advocate for those whose right part of the brain dominates the left, there are various importance attached to the left brain parts. The left brained persons are known to be brighter than their right counterparts. There are five major characteristics connected to the left brained persons. These characteristics include analytical skills, sequential ability, logical capacity, objective orientation and rationality.

Additionally, Pink’s evolutional ideas are not well founded on absolute facts. His claim about the conceptual age is not well demarked. It is evident that even during the 19th century; design was a major issue as far as improving the quality of products. In contradiction to the presumed conceptual age, the art of design came about in the industrial age. The industrial revolution came about at a time the left brains were dominant. From research sources, it is evident that the textile industry made excellent performance in fashion design even before the conceptual age could be predicted. Most of the people who served in such designing companies were left brained persons. The entire idea challenges Pink’s ideologies about right brain design abilities.

Controversial ideology has also been realized in the Asian analysis in regard to demand for the right brain. As far as Asian economy is concerned, more left brainiest are require to handle services like computer programming, law and accounting. In contradiction to Pink’s argument about jobs tending to Asia, it is clear that jobs only move to Asia as a result of demand and supply. “A whole new mind” gives information about the fate that future has for the right sided brain thinkers. In this approach, pink states that the future belongs only to the creative thinkers and artists. Need for right brain thinkers in the society have well been expounded in the book citing various ideologies.

In conclusion, the right brained creativity being well advanced than the lefty brained, more opportunities awaits them. Based on the policies provided by Pink, the global economy is striving hard to achieve a state of design. The market demand has either drifted towards modern designs of items. The right brained group of people consequently has a better chance to take part in the development.


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