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This expression, usually accepted a proverb, carries immense wisdom. There are many other proverbs that give credence to this saying and shows how much thought people give to the idea of success or reaching a particular desired destination. There are many ways to consider the meaning of this proverb or statement depending on whether we are looking at the obvious or deeper meaning. The outside meaning is clear for all of us to see and most can therefore agree or disagree with it depending on their personal experiences or their own lines of thought. But the most important explanation, the deeper meaning, is that it is better to have hope and work hard to achieve your dreams than to let reality discourage you.

The first obvious reason why the journey is better than the destination is the lessons we learn while we travel through time. The experiences which shape our character as we toil hard to make ends meet in a world which is hard for many citizens. Lessons which cannot be taught in a class and come as a result of overcoming several hurdles as we strive for success. Experiences which prepare us for the role life has prepared for us since none of us have the capacity to predict the future. We can only feel that we have lived a meaningful life if we pursue the things that we ourselves deem worthwhile (May, 2011).

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Secondly, life’s journey is full of surprises and gives us a chance to experience moments of happiness and wonder. Wise people have learnt that happiness is not a prolonged state and is a collection of happy moments inter woven with difficult and sad ones. In life’s journey, we must enjoy every moment as if it were the last since there is always that undeniable probability that it might be the last. Even the poorest of us have unique moments where life gifts us with a chance for total happiness and regret follows those who waste such gifts.

Lastly, we need to veer off the dangerous path which our society has taken and happiness and success is measured by the amount of money or property one has earned. What is true is that we can loose that wealth or property but life still moves on even after such calamity. What this tells us is that money is not the ultimate success and without family and friends, it means nothing at the end. We should take time to make lasting relationships and cultivate strong friendships since its people and not material things that give life meaning. One thing Singer (1998) points out is that one doesn’t have to be reach and successful to make a difference and change things in the world. All it takes is devotion and determination and the small achievements we make in small areas that matter are more important than being a recognized billionaire.

On the other hand, there are those who feel that arriving is better than the journey. One reason which informs this notion is the fact that success brings with certain privileges which make living exciting. Money might not buy happiness but it does buy nice things and take one to nice places and this can definitely make any one happy. Success might give one fulfillment since one knows that they have won the fight and have a right to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

In addition, arrival means that one is in a position to appreciate the place he finds himself and the people around him. Life’s journey is unpredictable and arriving means that one has made the right choices in profession and hopefully in personal relations too. If the latter hasn’t been achieved, stepping away from the usual; strife allows one to mend broken relationships and work towards more harmony in the family and friends sector.

In conclusion, the journey is undoubtedly the best part of life since the unpredictability of the future means that one can be or do anything he wishes. One can choose which paths to follow and which people to travel with in the journey we take in our lives. When we make mistakes or fail, we can always pick ourselves up and start afresh since the journey is long and the possibilities are endless.


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