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Education is critical not only for a better career but also for personal academic development. Towards this, my interest in higher education began right in my childhood. It was a challenging dream but at the same time interesting and enjoyable. From the very beginning, my education was successful and challenging.  It was during this period that I mastered many useful skills and went through further experiences that continued changing my life in the best way. My love for Biology was immensely influenced by Mr. Anderson who was my Biology teacher in high school. Mr. Anderson made Biology appear easy and interesting subject. His continuous encouragement and belief, that nothing is as easy and fascinating as Biology, stuck in my mind and became the greatest foundation for my further academic interest. Mr. Anderson’s personality and principles are still the driving factors, which propel my interest in Biology. Mr. Anderson took the initiative to ensure that I read and revise Biology topics with him, an aspect, which changed my perception of Biology from being a hard nut to crack to an easy and interesting subject. The interest in Biology made me join high learning institution, which also came up with its challenges.

My good ability to control the mechanisms of adaptation persuaded me that I successfully managed all the challenges on my way back to school years. During my school years, I met and dealt with some people, who later became my real friends. I value them a lot and, hopefully, they will stay in my life forever. Mr. Anderson, though, became a friend, a leader, and a true companion in my early school years. Thanks to him, I now, can say that it was he, who taught me compassion, care, and positive attitude to people. I think teachers like Mr. Anderson are rarely met at schools, which is a pity, because it is they, who inspire and give pupils self-confidence and a true realization of their personality and their possibilities.


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