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The debate for God’s existence has been continuing for quite a long time. Some people amounting to billions believe that God does exist, while others, in billions too, believe that God does not exist. This debate is one of the oldest and the most discussed one in history. Philosophers and theorists have developed arguments for God’s existence, while others have developed counter arguments. The discussion of it involves the primary disciplines of epistemology, which is the study and knowledge of various religious disciplines. Moreover, it involves the knowledge of ontology, which is the study of nature of being, living, and reality. The debate for God’s existence also involves the theory of value, where one is required to appreciate the value of life, since the concepts of perfection are connected with the notion of God. Cosmological arguments for God’s existence can be traced back to the western tradition of philosophical discussions that began with Plato and Aristotle. This article is a detailed outlook at the reason for God’s existence.

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Modern society believes in God. This includes many religions that exist in the Earth from Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, and Hindus. The concept of God in different religions is a supreme, ultimate, and personal being that exists and controls everything in existence. All the religions believe that God possess all the good qualities, such as omniscience, omnipresence, and omnibenevolence. However, with all the knowledge about God’s existence, all societies still believe that there is no proper definition of God. This is because it would contradict the transcendent nature of God, such as normal human beings would not be able to define him. Defining God would be hard for the normal person, since a huge section of people believe that God is the prime mover, while others believe that he is the uncaused cause, and the ultimate creator, whereby nothing greater than him can ever be conceived. On the other hand, other religious believers from the eastern part of the world believe that God is a force enclosed in every comprehendible phenomenon. For instance, believers and followers of Baruch Spinoza believe that God is a term that is used to refer to any essential substance or principles of nature.

According to Thomas Aquinas, God exists because of various reasons. He developed causes that are associated with Aristotelian ontology, which utilize the infinite regression argument. Everything in the world has its reason for its existence in the world and there are some things in the universe, which you cannot prove its existence, for instance Earth rotating anticlockwise, there must be some supernatural force behind it. This itself also proves God’s existence. Everything that is created is a transcendent in that there must be something that causes it.

God exists because of the “unmoved mover” argument. This argument proclaims that the world is constantly in motion, which seems to be effectively controlled by a supreme being. It also shows that the world moves from potentiality to actuality, thus showing that there is a prime mover of the universe. According to Thomas Aquinas, another substance whereby he learnt that there is a prime mover of all the substances that exists in the world must move whatever is in motion.

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Moreover, it is impossible for a human being to exist without prior reasons for their existence. This refers to the theory of creation in the Bible, which states that God created the universe. Considering this theory, it is true that there must have been a supreme being who is responsible for the creation of the universe and all that is in it. Thomas Aquinas argues that there must be a cause for something to exist, so that it can cause a series of chains for the reason of existence. This results into infinite regress. It means that a first cause must be for something, which itself has to be uncaused by any other force.

All living creatures in the world exist because of various reasons. This is because they are contingent. Therefore, it is impossible for them to exist without a supreme being who made them. It is also impossible for them not to exist. In addition, if not everything exists, there was a period when there was nothing in the universe. Therefore, in the modern world, there must be a supreme being who possess necessary existence and control them who is regarded as God.

Moreover, God exists due to the different level of degrees of goodness that exist on earth. Things that are called good exist depending with a certain level of standard of goodness, where the highest level is the maximum. Moreover, things without astuteness are created towards a purpose. For instance, humans who have the highest level of intelligence command things without intelligence. Therefore, there must be a supreme being who orders unintelligent things to move from one end to the other.

According to Christian and Judaism believe, God exists because he intervened in the creation of key moments. For instance, they believe that God exists because he was involved in the exodus and the issuing of the Ten Commandments for the Israelites. This is an empirical argument considering the high number of witnesses involved, and who saw the issued tablets tablet that contained the commandments.  

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Moreover, God exists because of the evidence derived from the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is enough evidence for God’s existence, taking into consideration that he is the only person who have ever resurrected through divine powers. In addition, Islam religion notes that a Supreme Being, God, their holy book in this case, Quran. Similarly, the church of Christ, also known as Mormonism, argues that Jesus Christ, God, and angels appeared to Joseph in a certain night urging him to accept Mary, since she had conceived a baby through the powers of the Holy Spirit. The Bible also has incidences of God himself appearing to people either through a dream or physically. For instance, the angel have appeared to Jacob and they had a confrontation, where they fought until Jacob was renamed Israel. He was later given promises for that, his children will live to rule to the Earth and among his descendants, a king, who would rule over the Earth will emerge. Later on, a descendant of Jacob, David, and Jesus Christ, emerged and had powers to rule over the descendants of Jacob, known as Israelites.

According to Hindu religion, many schools that pose the faith claim that a supreme being known as Brahma exists, while some of them resists. Accordingly, a Hindu school known as Karma believes that there is sufficient evidence in God’s existence through the law of Karma. This is evident through Brahma Sutras III, 2, 38, and 41, and a text known as Vedantic text.

God’s existence can also be derived from testimonies from people in different religions. However, these testimonies are derived from personal experience of witnesses that embodies the propositions of the various religious groupings. Different testimonies have been carried out from different generations and passed through different generations. For instance, people claim that miracles exist that depends on on evidence of paranormal events to institute God’s existence. For instance, Paul of Tarsus, who was a persecutor for the early Christians converted and became one of the strongest Christians immediately after the death of Jesus Christ. This happened after a divine revelation, whereby God himself appeared to him on his way to prosecuting Christians.

According to the Scottish school of common sense, people accept God’s existence through a normal impulse. The school argues that the reason for his existence is an abstract principle that people accept God’s existence, not because they are obvious in themselves or because they can be demonstrated, but for the reason that common sense gratifies people to accept that fact.

According to the School of Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi in Germany, humans believe in God because of various reasons associated with related to perceiving the supersensible. This is caused by various factors available in man such as reason, faculties, sense, and understanding.

However, various critics face God’ existence. People reason out that if God exists, and he is an all-powerful person, then there would be no reason for the existence of evil. This is because the existence of God as a supreme being is faced raises questions on why he has to let evil exist, while he has the power to control it. Moreover, according to Gods wishes, he prefers people to have a happy life that is not faced by various challenges, such as hunger, and other calamities, such as floods and earthquakes (Blanchard 5).

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