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Without doubt, fundamental ethical questions and concepts influence different individuals' actions. Before an individual act in a given way, there are some ethics and morals they tend to follow. In most instances, individuals act in the line of duty, for further end, immediate inclination, core ethical questions and concepts and justifications of a sound philosophical position.

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            When President Bill Clinton denied that he had a love affair with Monicah Lewinsky. The motivation that drew such an action could be because the president had a moral duty to portray a decent picture of a role model, likewise, he could act from the further end as he expects to win the loyalty and confidence of the citizens he rules. On the other hand, the president could be acting out of immediate inclination as he enjoys winning favor from the people he rules.

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            In order to apply core ethical questions and concepts, to contemporary issues and experience the individual has to ask themselves questions. In hypothetical imperative individuals should be ready to face the contingent truth because it based on a context or circumstances. Whereas in a categorical imperative, it upholds a universal claim to truth thus, individuals are not held accountable for their actions.

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            Indeed, there are many core ethical questions and concepts that cover the affair of President Clinton and Ms. Lewinsky. Firstly, was it right for the president to deny having an affair if it ever existed? Secondly, is the president lying or telling the truth? Without doubt, it is hard for an individual to speak the truth, unless they are rational beings.

            In the case of President Bill Clinton’s extra-marital affair, it was not ethical for the president by any chance to lie in public if he certainly knows he was involved. Indeed, he has a freedom of expression and association but not to the extent of portraying himself badly. As a matter of fact, individuals should reason thoughtfully and logically before they act. Certainly, Kant’s made a critical examination on improving an individual’s morals. Kant’s work gives clear definitions on how individuals can act in a given manner. Individuals have to ask themselves questions before taking action.


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