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In Christian circles, God is considered as the creator, life giver, the heavenly father, and the benevolent friend who at all times is able to see human actions, thoughts, and aspirations form all corners of the world. He does this, while sat on his throne high above in heavens. The question whether God really exists is a personal account made by every believer depending on the analysis of the Bible, the real life happenings and the amount of faith the person has in the accuracy and authenticity of the Bible. Existence of God is not only based on Christian faith, but also both Muslims and Jews have made contributions to the fact that God really exists.

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In my opinion, I think God exists. If we look into the history of church, and Christianity as whole, we will find that several miracles were done at the times of Jesus Christ, and also during the time of Israelites released from bondage in Egypt. Although pharaoh had his magicians perform equally powerful signs before Moses, it was a supernatural being that had made pharaoh harden his heart. In other words, everything what happens is done under the watchful eye of God but to fulfill a particular objective. Prophesy of the birth of Jesus is done to Mary, while at the same time her auntie Elizabeth is pregnant with John the Baptist. Elizabeth does not know that Mary will receive a holy child, but immediately Mary steps in the door, Elizabeth’s son moves inside her and she immediately tells Mary that she is blessed, and asks what the mother of her creator was doing in her house. This revelation can only be done if God really existed (Bible, Luke 1:40-44). Many critics of this view will argue that, if God exists then he should be able to do such mighty miracles like the ones done during the time of Moses and the ministry of Jesus, but what is not understood is even today, miracles are happening. My experience is that I had a relative who fell from the 5th floor of a residential storey building and was never hurt, is this superstition? Miracles are happening. The moment Jesus ascended he left people a helper: the Holy Spirit through whom a lot of gifts we have got. Jesus’ resurrection was among his miracles. It is wise to point out that God exists in trinity. If we can see Christians today possessed by Holy Spirit, then we must be able to conclusively say that God exists; there would be no Holy Spirit without God the father and the son.

Those objecting to the existence of God, use science to dispute the religious believes, but the question is how conclusive and intuitive are the answers they give. The Big Bang theory as known today is believed to be the start of every living creature and physical features including the planets. How did this explosion come to be? Where did the material that exploded come from? Definitely, there has to have been a force controlling all these things. The planet we live in today revolves at a constant distance form the Sun and tilts on and off for every 24 hours bringing about the day and night. This must be the work of God. Noone can control nature the way this happens except God. This can be supported by the Bible (Mark 4:35-40) where Jesus calmed a storm which was threatening to knock down their boat. Moreover, he was able to walk over water, but when his disciple Peter attempted he almost drowned (Bible, Mark 4:45-56/Mathew 14:22-33).

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The universe as whole magnifies a power behind the coordination, and harmony that exist between these bodies: the Moon, stars, planets, the Sun, and different gases with different concentration, which if altered then we would have a different story to tell. The reason is simple, natural laws determine the existence of the universe and they have their origin.

In addition, if we consider everything that exists today, it must have had an origin. Today, we cannot tell when time will end and where it started, people die, rivers change their course, animals get extinct, mountains wear off, and still everything else seems to have a life span. This leaves us with one reasoning, there must have been an origin of all these things but the origin itself is eternal. The only thing that is eternal is God. Whoever disputes this should be able to offer a conclusive time framed chronology of events leading to the creation of everything. Historians argue that man evolved from apes in a divergent mechanism that enabled him to accumulate favorable characteristics overtime. Where did these apes come from?, and even though they argue that it took several thousands of years to occur does it mean that there has not been any thousand years that might have caused other animals like squirrels to evolve to goats ,camels or even something of higher intelligence? The story of evolution is just one of the ways  man uses to explain complex phenomena, but the fact is, there is a God who controls all these things.

Those against the existence of God will try to look for theological prove so as to be certain, so what? If the world we are living today is this magnificent and we have substantial truth and facts to show that a supernatural being created, shouldn’t we be thankful and unconditionally worship that creator?

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The idea that people have, of existence of God must have had its origin, so where is the origin? This is definitely God himself who tries to tell people that he exists, but in and indirect way (Kreeft, 2011). It is common knowledge that when people try to think of the origin of everything it reaches appoint that they give up. God has a way of letting man uncover what is relevant in life and leave the rest the way it is.

According to Peter Kreeft (2011), one does not loose by believing God exists. This is because if he did not exist then one would face the uncertain fate like anyone else in the world, but if he existed and did not believe he did, then that would spell problems. First, the creator existed, offered his unconditional love, and undeserved grace to the lengths of letting his only die on the cross but all in all he is rejected. This is a too risky stand for a person to take.

God must be existing because constantly he follows his people to turn to him. He works in mysterious ways incomprehensible by humans (Adamson, 2011). For example, he chose to use Saul and blinded him on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians (Bible, Acts 9:1-31). This was the turning point of Saul who later was known as Paul, the writer of the epistles in the New Testament. In the world today so many people abadonign their “don’t care altitude” to being devout Christians, Muslims or even Hindus, reason being there is some spiritual work that has been done on them.

There are arguments that the issue of God came about from people’s inability to explain some phenomena but which now science is trying to give solutions. For example what happens after people die? Do they become reincarnated as the Hindu religion suggests? Or do they just come to an abrupt end like science makes us believe? The truth is, there is life after death and can be symbolized by the raising of Lazarus from death, raising of Jesus from dead after three days and ascending of Elijah the prophet. The prophet must have gone somewhere humans can be received and able to live. Holding on the promises of Jesus during his time of ascent that he will coma again then it is true to say God exists. God made promises to Abraham, which he kept. He kept promises made to the king David, and several other people, this is what should make Christians believe when he says he will raise everyone the from the dead when the time comes.

In conclusion, there are divergent views regarding the existence of God. When people believe in existence of God they live under the Ten Commandments which are designed to make this world more peaceful and enjoyable than when people believe there is no God and can do whatever pleases them. I challenge whoever has a divergent view to substantiate their claims because God exists.

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