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It is important for us to understand who we are as human beings and the current state of knowledge of humans is the one which is informed by materialistic thinking of today's science. Philosophically, it is commonplace for people to think of the human body as an elaborate machine with non materials aspects of the human thinking. We can therefore view man as a "symphony of the creative word" because the man being is not a body a machine and does not operate under physical or chemical laws (Sproule, 1992, p.45).

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As human beings today we are accustomed to different things as it was before. We have departed from the nature as far as possible, because philosophically, we are doing things that make us sight off from the nature. The knowledge of man in the real sense must be looked at in the ways and behaviors of human beings. It is not possible to understand ourselves by the scientific methodology that we have today because we can only open up humans as being tissue samples and through blood analysis (Robinson, 2004, p.32).

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Religiously, there has always been certain thinking from different races of human beings that we all were created by a certain supernatural being that is God. Some races believe in various small gods that share out the roles of creation while others believe in the one Almighty God as being their sole creator. Religiously, we therefore incline ourselves towards a supernatural being that controls the way we conduct ourselves in the world. Ancient believes also have a common thinking that there is a God or a supernatural being from which we originate (Porkorny, 1959, p.40).

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What do we know?

As human beings, we know a lot in relation to the ways that affect our lives. Starting from the processes of nutrition, our knowledge is followed the processes of healing of the humans and world education in the widest sense. Philosophically, it is thus good to mention that as human beings we have knowledge that places us above other species of animals on earth. We also have the knowledge and imaginations on how the world may have come to be, who may be our creator and why we are living (Sproule, 1992, p.45). As humans, we also know about other creations as well as how their lives are supposed to be. In the religious sense, as human beings we have the knowledge that there is a supernatural being that is known as God and to whom we pray for mercy and sympathy. Knowing that there is an all powerful God makes us stay in a certain manner, creating an order in the way we coexist with one another on earth. The human line of thinking leads us to the conclusion that isn't possible to understand ourselves by a way of scientific methods that are used today. Further, as human beings we know the way we should relate with nature as well as the way we should handle matters relating to God (Porkorny, 1959, p.45).

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Do we have a free will?

Religiously, if "free will" means that God gives human beings the chance to make choices that genuinely affect their own destiny, then we can agree that we have a free will. The world's current state is linked to the mistakes of Adam and eve. Further, we have a free will because we have the ability to choose on what we want and what is right and wrong. It is however good to mention that the free will that we have does not give s the freedom to do anything that we please at any time. For instance, a man could choose to either walk across a bridge of not to, but we know that his nature deters him from flying. In the same way, as human beings we can choose to make ourselves righteous, but our nature stops us from canceling our guilty. This is to say that the only free will that we have is limited to our own nature. The limitation to free will does not mitigate the human accountability. Religiously, the bible is very clear that we do not have the ability to choose but we also have the responsibility of making our choices wisely (Porkorny, 1959, p.45).

Does God Exists?

On whether God exists, we must first conceive or understand the idea that God is a supernatural creator who oversees the universe. There are many conceptions of God that attribute several aspects of Him as being supernatural. The most common one is that of being omnipresent, meaning that he is everywhere and omniscience, which refers to infinite knowledge. Philosophy has depicted that there is truly a supernatural power that has control over things on earth. Religiously, many faiths believe in the existence of God and they pray and offer sacrifices to Him  (Porkorny, 1959, p.45).

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