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Solitude is one of the dire necessities of the human spirit though it does never have adequate recognition in life. Solitude is not practiced by many because they down upon it as a discipline or a penance. Associating solitude with laziness, which is very much akin, views solitude literally. Solitude gives us an opportunity to assess everyday affairs; this second thought promotes better judgment. This assessment helps us understand other people's views better.

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Everyone must at some moment in their life left to wonder the reason for their existence or the purpose for which God created them. At birth human beings, entirely depend on others for their very existence; thus, have little control over their actions. Progressively people learn things, but in away that someone or others teach them. Early in life, whatever teachers said was right and became the gospel truth. Then comes a stage in which intelligence starts to function and at this point one can reason out thereby able to form and test own ideas. It is at this point that solitude starts to function.

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Solitude allows evaluation of one's actions, starting with short-term goals, make a choice and discard other ideas while the mystery remains for further search. Deep solitude enable us have a great moment that we can distinctly see that ultimate goals in life. What may seem, as a mirage in imagination when acted upon can suddenly be a reality. It does not matter the obstacles that we may encounter on the way, but what matters is the realization of the ultimate goal. The achievement of the thought out goals is immaterial, but the realization of it in itself is enough thus help solve the mystery resulting in the realization of real peace.

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Solitude differs with laziness in the sense that laziness is avoidance of activity deliberately incase of gainful pursuit. Solitude, on the other hand, is the voluntary withdrawal, not to avoid duty but to re-examine and review our day-to-day actions.  It is a self-introspection, with the sole objective to make ourselves appreciative and feel beautiful. Solitude gives us a chance to re-examine the past ways and shed off the excesses, reform the crooked ways, bring out the light in us and work towards that beauty and never cease to strive for the perceived image  until we achieve the God like virtues and perfection and entrench them in life. This practice is within our reach, at no cost, if we decide and spare a few seconds of time, in right earnest, out of the busy schedules. We cannot equate the time spent on solitude to laziness. Therefore, solitude is the indispensable ingredient that enables oneself in swim in mystery thereby leaving someone feeling absolute bliss and in a state of mental peace.

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Solitude brings out the individuality of the every human soul; the ideas, conscience and judgment, and individual citizenship. Isolation of each human soul and the requirement for self-dependence must grant every one the right to choose their own surrounding. This opens up opportunities for a greater education, development of faculties, forces of mind and body; allowing the individual a larger freedom to think and act; complete emancipation from the various forms of bondage, customs, superstition, dependence; from the crippling effect of fear. The major reason for seeking individuals' opinion in the institution under which she/he lives is that they must rely on their self. Solitude help an individual understand that to guide their own craft they must be their own pilot, engineer, captain; with chart and compass to steer the wheel; assess the winds and waves and decide which course to take.

In a moment of immeasurable solitude, one appreciates the significance of tying his/her soul for their independent action. Nature never manifests itself repeatedly, and, therefore, it is not likely that one human soul can feature in another. Man must bear his or her burden, and this assists in complete development. For instance, a friendless child left to bear his own burdens before he can even analyze his feelings or tell joy from sorrow, depends on his own innate resources to make judgments. Nature seems to offer great lessons to people of all ages the virtues of self-support, dependence, and protection.

To mitigate solitude under all circumstances, the doors of whole round of human duties and pleasures must be open to soul thus ensure attainment of individual development.  We have to note that individual responsibility strengthens judgment and quickens conscience. The recognition of one's self-sovereignty adds dignity to character; the right to equal position, earned by personal merit, not artificial attainment through inheritance, family, financial ability, and position.

In anxiety and agony of broken relationship or shattered dreams, we do not ask for sympathy from our friends or families, we stand alone. When death takes those that we love, we sit in the shadows of affliction alone. In the triumphs and tragedies of life, we walk alone in solitude. It is these moments of our lives that we realize that awful solitude of personal life hurts; its responsibilities, and penalties; this is the moment the young, and the helpless, depend on their own resources for consolation and guidance. Human beings because of their thinking nature are in a sea of aloneness; reality is the motive of their feeling discreet from everything and just alone for themselves.

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