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Belt, Gordon. “The Sedition Act Trials.”Suggestions for Judges." Federal judicial centre. (Accessed October 18, 2012).

This paper gives a detailed a case by case history of the sedition act; its genesis and the fundamental events that occurred thereafter.The content is summarized in an easy to read fashion and there is no restricted access. Members of the public can easily access the site. The first amendment website home page gives a short description of its mission and the content. There are clear contact email and location addresses in addition to links to other related articles. These articles are relevant and useful in my research on the sedition act. The first amendment webpage is affiliated with the United States Justice department among other judicial agencies. This is indicative of the site’s credibility. The information contained in this site will greatly enrich my research.

Vigilante, David. "Sedition Act of 1978." (accessed October 18, 2012)

The author gives a detailed lesson plan with learning guidelines to assist teachers and students on the following: objectives, examples of research material, a sample student worksheet and sample test questions with each activity having a set time during the course of “the Sedition Act” lessons.The instruction plan also includes a comparison of the above Act with “the Espionage Act of 1917.” The legal laws of the Sedition Act and the Espionage Act are also included in the brief.The first amendment is a United States government sponsored website based on the American first amendment law and the veracity of the information is updated and relevant. There are links that direct the user to related materials in other sites of law agencies in the United States. The information here is provided to the public without any charge. This article is excellent for research and learning purposes. I will utilize it to gather background information on the sedition act.


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