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Adversarial legalism is a means of policymaking as well as dispute resolution through two most important characteristics. First, formal legal contestation which is the competing interests as well as disputants gladly invoke legal duties, rights and the procedural needs, supported by remedy to the formal law application, litigation, judicial law and tough legal penalties (Derthick 215). Second, litigant activism which is the legal contestation style in which declaration of claims, hunt for legal arguments control and collecting as well as submission of the evidence are governed by the interests or disputing parties, acting mainly through lawyers (Derthick 215). Managerially, adversarial legalism normally is linked with and surrounded in the institutions involved in decision making in which the power is fragmented as well as weak hierarchical control (Derthick 215).

Reasonably, adversarial legalism is the legal culture of America. In many countries, legal elites put huge emphasis on the legal stability and consistency. Law is observed as set of the authoritative principles and rules, watchfully trained over time. Law is frequently viewed as malleable output of the underway political fight to make law reactive to specific values and interests. Therefore, adversarial legalism of America can be looked as emerging from the basic tension between political culture and set of the governmental structures (Mayhew 79).

Adversarial legalism assists in resolving the tension. In the fragmented weak structure status, courts and lawsuits offer “non-political”, non-statist means by which individuals may demand justice of high standards from the government. Interest groups are empowered by courts and lawsuits to prod government in implementing determined public policies.

Adversarial legalism also gives United States most socially and politically reactive court system globally. Compared with many national judiciaries, United States judges are constrained less by the legal formalisms; the judges are policy-oriented, more considerate to equities of specific situation. Lawyers and judiciary are made by adversarial legalism to be entirely part of governing process as well as self-governing in character.

Bureaucracy Paradox

America has paradoxical bureaucracy different from the one found in many developed countries. Paradox is existence in a single set of the institutions of the two qualities generally quite separate; multiplication of the rules as well as opportunities for the access. A system laden with regulations or rules is a definite sign that bureaucracy is remote from citizens, distant from people’s concerns as well as preoccupied with privileges and power of bureaucrats. A bureaucratic system can also be suffused with contribution of advisory boards, neighbourhood councils, crusading journalists, lawyers supplying writs and congressional investigators. In another place such an administrative system would be taken as like not a system but the bungling, jerry-built mechanism wallowing in ineffectiveness together with go through with favouritism and corruption.

Openness and rules, if they could coexist they would astonish Max Weber as well as keep on astonishing many modern students of the subject. American public bureaucracy is not as predictable and rational as Weber expected and also is not as mechanistic and crushing as Weber feared. But it is rules-bound without becoming overpowering and participatory without becoming corrupt. Such paradox exists partially because of character and American people mores. They are so spontaneous, informal as well as other-directed to being either passionless Grad-grinds or neutral arbiters. And partially is exists as a result of regime fundamental nature. Regimes of parliament that supply constant direction to bureaucracies also provide extra bureaucracy to the citizens. Fragmented regime of America might result to chaotic government, while coherent regimes of Europe may result to bigger governments.

Bureaucracy can be viewed as government institution, normally staffed with officers appointed on expertise and experience basis in order to implement the public policies, of the hierarchical institutions into the specialized employees, and are free from political accountability.  The effect of such a definition is that members implement particular rules to each situation in rational, predictable, impersonal way and non-discretionary.

Bureaucracy protects the environment, enables revenue collection and regulates the economy. The lines of the authority permit some bureaucracy areas to function with considerable autonomy.            

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The National Health Service Corps is devoted to enhancing the health of individuals living in underserved parts of the US. Since the year 1972 the National Health Service Corps has offered essential care to labour force of dedicated, sympathetic and competent health care professionals to societies in needs (Redman 300). The National Health Service Corps is a part of the “US Department of Health and Human Services, division of Health Resources” and Services Administration, Bureau of Clinician Recruitment and Service.  Associates are health professional offering most important health care services in underserved societies since in the year 1972. In exchange, the provider is offered either loan repayment or scholarship throughout their medical teaching and not exceeding four years. The repayment program offers sensible educational expenditure to the students such as coaching, books and other needed services such as health insurance, plus a monthly recompense for room and boards. Subsequent to school, the citizenship for medical, osteopathic plus dental undergraduates, the learner should apply for preapproved positions within underserved regions (Redman 300). The undergraduates should apply simply like any work candidate, and if the candidate decides to take a specialism other than main cares, or does not fulfill the service requirements the undergraduate should reimburse the government three times the investments with interest.    

The loan reimbursement program acts equally nevertheless, the learners apply to undertake the program subsequent to school and the NHSC reimburses up to sixty thousand United States Dollars after every 2 years. There is also the alternative to work in an NHSC endorsed situations for five years that gives the right the learner to potentially obtain one hundred and seven thousand in loan reimbursement, and better still there are a bigger number of obtainable positions since the criterion are less strict.  At the opening of the year 2012, the NHSC Loan Repayment Program (LRP) proclaimed that the application cycle has been happening in the past week of the month of January. With two stage of funding, the NHSC LRP provides basic health care offers loan reimbursement supports in exchange for operational in rural, town and border line societies. Both half and full time alternatives are obtainable for basic care medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and authorized nurse midwives mention but few,  providers to offer culturally proficient, inter-disciplinary essential Health Care Services to underserved populaces situated in particular Health professional scarcity  parts (Redman 301).       

Warren Magnuson

Magnuson was one of strongest senatorial team standing for any of 50 states. Magnuson sought after what his nation as well as constituents required. His efforts resulted to the creation of National Institutes of Health. Magnuson waged a battle against cancer as well as secured financing to establish Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. UW Medical Center is one of his legacies. Magnuson’s bill created National Health Service Corps that brings medical doctors to the communities lacking the medical care. Magnuson also saw the enactment of the historical consumer-protection legislation. In 1964 he played a major role in the passage of Civil Rights Act. He assisted in establishing public television, grant the 18-year-olds right to take part in electoral process, assisted in creating Amtak as well as helped in reorganization of the region’s structure of the electric power. In addition, Magnuson assisted in liberalization of immigration laws as well as pressed for the normalized association with People’s Republic of China. Magnuson protected marine environment as well as closed the Puget Sound to the supertankers.

Magnuson might have received most of his satisfaction from protection of marine environment. The senator was “romantic” about water. Of most of the bills he saw their enactment; Magnuson Fisheries Conservation and Management Act and Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act are the two bills that have his name. Magnuson Act that increased government capability to manage as well as control fisheries through extending the United States territorial waters to 200-mil perimeter, assisted in saving American Fishing sector.          

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a U.S. federal law and it was enacted in the year 1975. It is the federal statute which governs warranties on consumer products. The act was supported by Senator Warren G Magnuson of Washington and United States Representative John Moss of California both democrats. According to the House of Representative that accompanied the act (House Report No: 93-1197, 93d Cong 2d Sess). The Magnuson-Moss Act was endorsed by Congress in reaction to the extensive mishandling by merchants of put across disclaimers and warranties. The history of legislative points out that the aim of the Act is to create warranties on customer commodities easily enforceable as well as to offer the Federal Trade Commission with means to in order protect customers.  The law is remedial in nature plus its intention to protect customers from misleading warranty customs.  Customer commodities are not needed to have warranties and if one is offered by one it should abide by with the Magnuson-Moss Act.   

The Act offers that any warrantor licensing a customer commodity to a customer through a written warranty should unveil, entirely and noticeably, in simple and easily understood languages, the terms of the guarantee to the extent required by regulations of the Federal Trade Commission.  The Federal Trade Commission has endorsed rules administering the expose of written customer commodity warranty conditions on customer commodity in fact costing the customer more than fifteen US dollars.  According to the conditions of the Act, vague statements in a guarantee are interpreted against the drafter of the guarantee.  Similarly, service agreements should obviously and noticeably unveil their conditions in straightforward and easily understood languages. 


The initial effort by state’s attorneys general as well as main cigarette producers to settles lawsuits together with creating new regulatory system for the tobacco was presented to the Congress for the action. Finished in month of June 1997, this possible settlement alluded rather dishonestly to inefficiencies of most of the lawsuits, private and public against the cigarette producers. All these civil proceedings are complicated, expensive, slow moving and burdensome to the litigants, to nation’s state as well as to the federal judiciaries. Only the national legislation provides prospect of the swift, equitable, fair and consistent outcome that would meet public interest. The National legislation was not helpful. The Senate discussed the bill but it did not take action, and arguing litigants restarted negotiations in month of June, 1998 (Derthick 3). 

They arrived at a document by name, Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) in November 1998, in addition of the requirement of the billions of US dollars as payments to the state governments, included numerous prohibitions on the marketing. It prohibited transit as well as outdoor advertising, together with placards, signs and billboards larger than the posters in the stadiums, arenas, video games arcades and the shopping malls. It prohibited characters of cartoon in promotion, packaging, advertising among others. It also banned distribution as well as sale of the non-tobacco merchandise having the brand logos like the T-shirts, backpacks and caps, except at the tobacco-sponsored events. Save for permitting one event each year, it banned sponsorship of events, concerts using brand-name with considerable youth audience as well as team sports like baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and hockey (Derthick 3).

The MSA also included limitations on industry’s political action which were slightly remarked in the journalist accounts though are extremely problematic from perspective of political traditions of America. It dispersed Tobacco Institute, industry’s lobbying institution. It also banned cigarette firms from any lobbying against MSA terms or challenging constitutionality. It banned them from looking for bankruptcy. In addition it banned lobbying against several local and state legislative proposals like those restraining youth access to the vending machines and or penalizing the youths for the tobacco possession (Derthick 3).

The reason offered by state attorneys general as well as by governors for enacting MSA was financial benefits that would be received, that is a proportion of the Big Tobacco’s revenue that was initially anticipated to address the cost of the state health care for the tobacco-linked medical care. Besides these considerable payments, states as well received the concession from the Big Tobacco in order to cease particular practices of advertising together with creation and financing particular anti-smoking organizations and campaigns (Derthick 191).

MSA has been criticized as being too relaxed on main tobacco firms. It has been described as “an opportunity that is lost in trying to curb use of cigarette.” The MSA has also been alleged to be in favor of some main tobacco firms over the smaller sovereign tobacco sellers and growers (Derthick 187). Those who oppose this argument assert that particular constraints on the pricing hold back the small growers from competing with the Big Tobacco. About 12 states have productively fought against such an argument in the court and enforcement of MSA goes on in United States into perpetuity (Derthick 189).


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