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Will the revolution by Obama advance the American Interest Washington, in 2012; Jefferson Thomas observed that, each and every generation requires a brand new revolution. Depleted in the war and facing collapse of the economy, the Americans decided to embrace Obama as the vanguard of revolutionary hope in the year 2008 (Reagan & Denney, 2011). As a candidate with thin substantive record, President Barrack Obama asserted claim for the highest elective American office in 2008. The President laid down several markers from January 2009 that deserved and should be closely scrutinized through the Election Day.

Turning Points in the American History

The turning points in the history meant that the changes in ways things are always done in the past, sometimes, it changed for the better and some time for the worse. The two notable history turning points were World War I and the industrialization revolution. Both of these had some social and political impacts. The increased efficiency and positive change was a result of the industrial revolution. The goods were not produced by any farming means and agriculture from an individual; however, there was the introduction of factories and machinery (Reichertz, 2012). The food supply multiplied due to increase and coming up of technology as well as the growth in population. Nevertheless, the increase in population would impact significantly on the social appearance of the time. Urbanization was spreading widely in the country.

The cities were starting to be overwhelming crowded and the spread of disease and child labor increased. Even though, child labor was reduced through the unions, industrial revolution also continued controlling both negative results and negative results. The World War I was also another turning point in the history. This turning point consisted of the way war was fought and hot it changed due in advances in the technology which took place during the revolution time in 1900s.

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The Reign of President Regan through President Barrack Obama has experienced many changes. America and the world has gone from the economic impact of Regan era to depression in the era of Barrack Obama not knowing what was meant by AIDS, to nearly having a cure and supporting Iraq during the cold war, and invaded it in the year 2001, and they are still having military presence in the area until today (Troy, 2009).

When the Soviet Union collapsed, it was a monumental victory to the Americans; this meant that the cold war was over the United States emerging as the victors. Many of the regimes by the communist regimes were overthrown in late 1980’s. Many nations in the east had already declared independence from Soviet Union, and in November 1989, one of the public protested against Soviet Union and cold war; the world witnessed the destruction of Berlin wall. During the cold war, the Soviet Union and the United States experienced economic repercussions.

Both countries had ramped up military arsenals; however, the Regan administration had already increased production of than the carter’s administration which was recognized to be having the biggest defense buildup in the time of peace and creation of larger deficit in defense for the president Clinton. Nonetheless, the end of war meant that the small number of troops was to occupy Europe. It was unclear on how and what the coming or the next presidents would use them for. For instance, president Clinton decided not to interfere or get involved    on the American peacekeeping missions, this is mainly because of the Somalia incident.

The other substantial break in U.S was the president’s free agreements in trade. The agreements also opened up to the foreign marketers and the American companies with the foreign companies to the markets in America. Most of them feared this; specifically the union for it was feared that, the Americans will end up losing their manufacturing jobs overseas. This was the result of what happened and most of the U.S companies also figured out that, the production of their products in the foreign land was cheaper (Wright, 2012). The United States economy was majorly affected and then directed to the United States to the unemployment rates which are greater than they used to be during the revolution of President Regan.

The AIDS epidemic in the United States began in 1981, and it was as a shock and it shook the confidence of Americans for many reasons: the symptoms were not seen before someone or any individual succumbed to AIDS. It was a particularly deadly disease however, no one knew its channel or how it spreads, it was uncommonly quick in killing people so, thousands used to die yearly in the country.

When president Regan lifted the remaining domestic petroleum prices and the allocated the controls in January 1981 lowering oil and the windfall profits tax in the August in 1981, helped in ending the 1979 energy crisis. He then ended oil windfall profits and tax in the 1988 during 1980s oil glut. So, all these still affect Americans today.

Due to the terrorist attacks in US on September 11 2001, when planes turned the missiles slamming into the World Trade Center Towers and also damaging the Pentagon was the main reason that resulted to war against terrorism by the bush government. This ultimately resulted to the US declaration and wage of war on terror. The bush administration declared war on Iraq and Afghanistan targeting the terrorist groups in the world. On the other hand, the international community’s condemned the civilian’s killings in the war against terrorism by Bush government.


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