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In the modern world, leadership has already become a buzz-word, but the social research continues the study of this phenomenon. Polelle (2008) notes that the ‘worship of great leaders’ which takes its routes from organizational and political levels usually ‘impedes the development of leadership skill’ (p. xiv). It is often stated that leaders are all people who have a certain set of skills. To be a leader, one has to either be born with these skills or obtain them throughout his or her lifetime.

Great examples of leaders are George W. Bush, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, and Oprah Winfrey. These personalities have shown what features leaders should have. The core feature of these leaders is the strategic vision. The pyramid of Leader Selection proposed by Conger and Riggio (2007) shows that strategic leaders are always at the top of any organization and formation above operational leaders and managers. The ability to see the outcome of one’s actions and predict the possible results of certain situations is crucial for a leader. That is why, the speeches of Gerorge W. Bush and Hilary Clinton are so popular among the citizens of the United States. Quotes by Bill Gates and other famous business people are popularized around the world and are cited in numerous books about leadership. Strategic vision entails not only the ability to see things as they happen, but also the ability to pick up the right solution to handle these things as they occur. Such character features also require self-organization and self-motivation which are truly important for the busy lifestyle of such people as Oprah Winfrey. That is why, these people never forget about anything, they are always updated, full of interesting ideas, motivated to improve people’s lives, and just look happy. Valenty and Feldman (2002) also note the complexity of leader’s personalities is due to their levels of responsibility. Therefore, leaders are not the people with a simple set of skills to manage people, but are highly responsible and self-organized individuals who are able to stay focused in any type of situation and always have strategic vision of the future.


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