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The president is a leader who has the right and the duty to serve his nation in the best interests of people. Ronal Reagan’s speech inspires to believe in the capacity of the president to build the government on the basis of freedom and equality. The speech “First Inaugural Address” is discussed in the paper, because it is the example of a public speaking and an ability of the speaker to find the words that have the power to connect him with the audience.

People are inspired by the purpose that is declared. Among precious words about freedom and equality there are those, which unite under one idea that “this Administration’s objective will be a healthy, vigorous, growing economy that provides equal opportunities for all Americans with no barriers born of bigotry or discrimination.”

Ronal Reagan speaks on the economic problems that people of the United States suffer, and the reasons the burden of this failure has fallen on the nation. The speech is informative and persuasive, because “For all men are persuaded by considerations of their interest, and their interest lies in the maintenance of the established order.”The president addresses the audience with the intension to point out the importance of every individual, and the responsibility that the government has: “Your dreams, your hopes, your goals are going to be the dreams, the hopes, and the goals of this Administration, so help me God.”The effectiveness of the speech is emphasized by mentioning Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Winston Churchill. Their example of patriotism and readiness to make the sacrifice in the name of the country is followed.

Everyone has the ability to do the right thing to resolve the problem, but only together, free and equal in their rights Americans can succeed. This statement makes Reagan’s speech convincing and effective.


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