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Policy makers refer to those individuals who set the plan that a government pursues (Clear & Cole, 2012). In the contemporary society, the criminal justice system deals with crimes by virtue of the existing policies. This helps to avoid incidents of discrimination against different people based on race, social status, class, and sex. Without policies, the criminal justice systems can experience a prejudiced treatment of offenders. Investigation of crimes can be extremely strict or lenient depending on race or sex of the suspects (Clear & Cole, 2012). Policies can guide the investigation officers, judges, and prosecutors to deal with suspects, defendants, or offenders in a fair manner (Clear & Cole, 2012). Therefore, it is a responsibility of policy makers to make such policies that will lessen the demonstrated racism within the criminal justice system.

Policies have a significant influence on the way the criminal justice system handles various suspects, defendants, and offenders. It is evident that the effective application of policies can significantly reduce discrimination by virtue of race (Clear & Cole, 2012). Investigation officers, judges, and the parole and probation officers will do their tasks with the guidance of their discretion. They must follow the existing policies to treat people uniformly, depending on the committed crime. Some investigation officers, judges, or the parole and probation officers may be lenient when dealing with people belonging to the same race as theirs (Clear & Cole, 2012). On the other hand, such officers may treat some strictly because they do not belong to their own race. Therefore, it is the concern of policy makers to reduce incidents of racism in the criminal justice system.

In conclusion, the effective application of policies can lessen such issues as racial discrimination within the criminal justice system. Policy makers have the responsibility to ensure that the populations difference experiences fair treatments within the criminal justice system. Therefore, the government should involve policy makers in the process of fighting racism and other vices in the criminal justice system (Clear & Cole, 2012).


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