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Loyalty is the complete dedication and devotion to certain things. Loyalty entails having faith in it. One can be loyal to a company, another person, state, or even a group. It is a duty and also commitment in its own sense, to be constant in your decisions regarding that group, company or person. Among the seven-army values, loyalty is the most important for a leader as it involves duty to the nation, citizens, soldiers and Army. As a leader, one needs to be a patriot, and this is the best way to express patriotism. That is why several institutions have oaths whereby those involved swear to remain loyal, no matter the situation (Ewin, 1992). However, this does not mean that all patriots are loyal people. Nevertheless, this should be the feature of every leader.

The aspect of loyalty is very philosophical and is considered to be a measure of nationalism in many nations. It also shows one’s stand and fidelity, especially in terms of services offered by soldiers to a nation. However, when the origin of the word is considered (the Latin word ‘lex’ meaning ‘law’), it may mean following the laws of a nation. This is also important for a leader who is supposed to be an example for others. Being loyal is very essential not only for the leader but for each soldier, as well. This feature creates a sense of faithfulness between you and the group that you are leading. It is a bond that makes you believe in each other (Baron, 1984). Loyalty of the leader is also of great importance, since if the leader is not loyal and is not committed or devoted to the group that he is supposed to lead, he/she may easily mislead the whole group which will be a big loss. It unites people, and they become devoted to their course. It eliminates any chances of doubt between members of a certain group, since you are all devoted and aimed at achieving a common goal. Therefore, it makes the group united.

Loyalty plays a great role in my life. When I am loyal to my course and duties or any commitments, the people that I will be leading will also be loyal. As a result, it will be easier for the group to achieve the goals. Loyalty will also help promote cooperation in a certain group, since the members believe in each other. They will be ready to come together and work as a single unit, in order to achieve their goals. When members of a certain group are totally loyal, mentally, physically and equally devoted to the group, they will not fall apart or betray each other. Instead, they will all remain and work together and sort out the problem.

A good example of the importance of loyalty in the army is when the army is in a confrontation with an enemy troop. It is important that your secrets are safe, and under no circumstance should they leak out to the enemy troop. If, for example, you have soldiers on your troop that are not loyal to your country and to their leaders, they can easily sell out your secrets to the enemy. After that, you will not stand a chance, since the enemy will use them against you. So, loyalty is very important in leadership. Loyalty is also viewed as a virtue (Royce, 1908). Being loyal requires one’s free will and should go from one’s heart. As usual, loyalty is close to some form of love for the company, person or nation. Unfortunately, some people misuse loyalty or take advantage of it. People who are loyal are vulnerable to committing inhumane acts in the name of being patriots to certain groups (Nathanson, 1993).


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