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Migration to the U.S. is a sophisticated demographic phenomenon that is a principal source of population growth, as well as cultural change throughout the history of the country. However, the economic, social as well as economic features of immigration continues to cause controversy as regards ethnicity, economic benefits, jobs for native-born population, settlement patterns, crime, as well as voting behavior. The history of immigration in the US has four epochs, which are the colonial times, the mid-nineteenth century, the twentieth century and, finally, the post-1965 times. There are several policies and legal procedures that have supported immigration, like the 1869 Homestead Act.

The native-born population has always exhibited opposition to the large influx of immigrants. For instance, in 1891, there was the massive lynching of Immigrant Italians. In 1840, some native-born Americans attempted to stop the Irish immigration as they feared that Irish Catholic Immigrants were overwhelming the country. The Afro-American population has also faced stigma and discrimination as native-born Americans view it as intruders. This might explain the reservations of many conservative Americans to an Obama presidency.

Applying the reaction of native-born population to the question of international migration to the U.S. is chaotic in many ways. First, the arguments of the majority of native-born Americans are ironical and fallacious. The irony is evident in the fact that a significant population of the so called native-born Americans was, at one time immigrant, too. The only difference is that they immigrated at a different time in history. The idea that Immigrants are to blame for the evils in the society is fallacious. Arguments that immigrants bring crime such as drug peddling, prostitution and violence to the U.S. are one sided as even native Americans, not native-born Americans, faced the same troubles long before the establishment of the American nation. The brilliance of the American nation has direct links to the rainbow population of immigrants. Immigration has enabled immense talent and innovativeness in the nation. The arguments against the practice rely on misinformation and baseless selfishness. As a result, it will be chaotic to apply them to the public discourse on international immigration to the U.S.


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