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Question 1:

How have American politics evolved since the dawn of the 20th century—are they more or less democratic, or populist? How have the major political parties changed, and do you feel that this is a good or a bad thing?

Evolution in American Diplomacy

In 20th century, American politics greatly evolved, and many citizens showed concern and participation in politics. Political environment gradually changed due to reforms, leading to reduction in corruption in the American politics. There was a democratic environment resulting to improvement in social justice. Major political parties in America have been shifting their allegiance in this century. Political parties such as United States Federalist Party, Democratic - Republican Party, Silver Republicans among others were formed. In this century, party hopping became less frequent, Democratic and Republican parties became the strongest parties. The two parties dominated American politics making it hard for any person to be elected on a different party which is not a good thing. It reduced political participation and citizens’ engagement in politics and discouraged competition.

Question 3:

How has the quest for civil rights for minorities affected US society in the last 150 years? Has the drive for greater civil rights benefited America, and what does the future hold for civil rights activists?

Effects of the Quest for Civil Rights for Minorities

Quest for civil right for the minorities gradually helped to achieve equality among all Americans regardless of their race, gender, or origin. Every American enjoys equal rights to life, happiness and liberty. This was very beneficial because it resulted into a democratic nation. There have been numerous protests by human rights activists in America over the past 150 years. These protests have led to the American government shifting to become a promoter of its citizen’s welfare in ensuring equality today and in the future. This was a major achievement for the human rights activists because equal protection clause ensured civil rights for all American citizens was achieved.


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