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While a good president must have a patriotic character, the manner in which priorities are set by the anticipated leader is of paramount importance. Any person aiming to become the president of the United States must make the commitment to enhancing the productivity in the country and building the economy. Making efforts to pursue peace is also important. The people of the United States of America should begin to find strength and confidence in the aspiring candidate and be encouraged to gather support for him or her (Bumiller, 130-149). Any candidate’s initial plans must show signs of being fruitful and effective to implement his personal ideas that make the people find confidence in his endeavors. The candidate’s priority through campaigns should be the commitment to actively engage in the process of pursuing peace inside the country and internationally, and also to express hope for global successful leadership and cooperation. A candidate must emphasize a determination to work in order to help consolidate the negotiating period for the welfare of the citizens by establishing an effective regime to prevent leadership turmoil.

A presidential candidate should pledge that the United States would do its part in promoting the welfare of its people successfully, working closely with the international community and their allies as they fulfill their responsibilities as well. The spirit of partnership and the warm nature of engaging in fruitful dialog affecting the nation must be a key thing to any person aspiring to be the president of the United States as upheld in the Constitution of the land (Beeman, 34-67). This must be the greatest challenge for the candidate and the potential administration. Thus, the two major issues in the United States of America that any candidate aspiring to be the president should center on resolving tough economic ties and a move towards the pursuit of peace.


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