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The author of the article emphasizes that the US regulations are wrapped in the red tape. As it is said, Obama has greatly increased the pace of the governmental regulations. The question how it will affect the life of ordinary Americans is running through the article.

It appeared that some of the most expensive and controversial laws, such as the protection of food supply, exposure to silica dust reduction, requirement of rear-view cameras or other objects on the cars, and even more, still remain under the view of the White House instead of being published. As for advocates, they state that this delay is an effort to reconsider either political or economic impact of its actions. All the mentioned above actions are taken in the light of struggling economy. Moreover, the 2010 midterm election results empowered the Republicans and affected the governmental decisions.

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The supporters of regulatory policy are trying to convince us that all talks about a huge upsurge are just a fantasy. If comparing Obama’s administration to Bush’s one, we see that since he became a president more than 1, 000 passed through the White House, whereas in Bush’s times there were about 1, 200 of them in the same period. And if to take into consideration Clinton’s time, we see that there were about 2, 000 of such rules. Unfortunately, the number of economically “significant” (those, which carry costs or benefits in at least $100 million) laws was higher, but it probably happened because of inflation. Some administration critics assert that the slowdown question is rather a rhetorical question than a real one. Thus, it gives hope that all the laws and rules, which are being implemented at a great rate nowadays, may not signal significant changes.

The White House makes political decisions that reflect changes and careful analysis of the costs and benefits. These changes bring either considerable benefits or cause great costs.


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