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Almost all goods which people purchase are taxable. It lets to provide the society with essential benefits, as exactly in such way a main part of the current state’s budget is formed. As a result, taxation becomes an integral part of every state policy. This regulation is recognized and it seems that nothing is inexplicable. However, recently new a discussion appears: “Should purchases which are made over Internet be taxable?”

A large number of scientists, historians, lawyers consider that all purchases must be taxable. It was established back in Roman times, when the state had to maintain buildings, churches, roads and other items. In its turn, it required a large amount of money. Particularly, taxation of goods saved the situation, becoming one of the main revenues of the empire. That is why purchases through Internet even now cannot be an exception.

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Jonathan Mott, Ph.D. (Department of Political Science, the University of Oklahoma) explains: "If an increasingly larger proportion of purchases are made sales tax-free on the Internet, there will be a fiscal crisis in most states and localities. State and local governments will either have to raise revenue in other ways, by increasing income or property taxes, for example, or by cutting spending.[sic]". As one knows, purchasing may be done in different ways, so also online money is still exchanged for products and services. Obviously, purchases which are made over Internet must be taxable.

Thus, governments of some parts of the state have realized that online purchases do not generally vary from normal ones. Moreover, Pat Dalton, a member of Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department early as in 1998 made the following example: "Ten states and the District of Columbia impose sales taxes on Internet access fees [sic]". These were the first steps towards imposing taxation on Internet services.

However, a new problem appears as some states tax Internet purchases at the same time as others do not: "Some states and municipalities do not have sales taxes, and most states have exemptions to collecting sales taxes on certain items (like food and clothing)[sic]" (Dun & Bradstreet). This may cause that buyers, because of lower price, will make purchases in states which are exempted from taxation in Internet. Consequently, certain deformations will be made. A similar situation is at the international level. As people know, Internet connects the whole world. That is why online purchasing could be done from anywhere. How should people deal with it in such cases? Should they talk about the tax system in such conditions? Therefore, government should pay more attention to this issue now, in order not to bring negative effects or losses.

Nowadays, Internet is becoming more and more popular, and soon people will be able to exchange the actual content of 'going shopping'. Absolutely these issues require detailed investigation and normative regulation for which people let hope.


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