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Contemporary military issues refer to those activities that relate to various happenings in the present world. An exclusive economic zone (EEZ) refers to the sea zone that a state holds special rights over the use and exploration of the marine resources. Furthermore, the military oversees the production of energy from water and wind. According to Wu (2008), an exclusive economic zone stretches from the seaward side of the territorial waters of a particular state and it is always located about 200 nautical miles from the coast. This essay explicates the contemporary issues relating to the conduct of the military in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of China because it is a developed state with a strong military base. The contemporary military issues in the conduct of Chinese soldiers in EEZ include the assurance of security of navigation, finding a solution to the security problems of coastal areas with the help of map drawing, and the fight against piracy.

One of the key contemporary issues associated with the conduct of the military is the assurance of security during navigation. Chiu & Hui (1982) point out that the military personnel operating in the exclusive economic zone of China has effectively focused on the assurance of secure navigation among individuals. It is vital that individuals are assured of maximum security as they move from one point to another. The military working in the Chinese exclusive economic zone are keen on ensuring that individuals move along the coastal strip freely and with the required level of confidence. Erickson & Goldstein (2007) assert that the assurance of security among individuals navigating the coastal strip is aimed at ensuring that the region develops as a strong economic zone. In the recent years, the military has built watchtowers that enhance the provision of security. Watchtowers are widespread all over the exclusive economic zone. Klein (2011) reports that individuals are able to navigate the region freely and are engaged in different activities that could help in the economic development of the region. This security must be effectively respected by all the other surrounding states in order to ensure that there is maximum peace in China. This will also allow China to have a period of peaceful growth with high levels of security.

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Another contemporary issue is the drawing of the maps indicating the boundaries covering the exclusive economic zones. It is vital to identify the exclusive economic zones, as they are located in different countries. According to Tanaka (2012), the Chinese military has played an instrumental role in the protection of the zone from interference by mapping it. This means that boundaries are indicated and the surrounding states are expected to effectively respect them. Boundaries ensure that the area is protected and free from interference of unauthorized individuals. Saunders (2008) observes that the military has been in the best position to guard the zone with the boundaries drawn. It has keenly identified its boundaries and worked within them as required. In fact, this has played a major role in assuring maximum security. In the current years, the Chinese military working in the exclusive economic zone have drawn an effective map to provide guidance on the conduct of different activities. The International Boundaries Research Unit (1995) affirms that the compass direction has also been provided with the aim of ensuring that the correct locations relating to the region are identified. Soldiers are sent to the different areas of the region using the compass direction that has been drawn with maximum care.

The fight against piracy is another vital contemporary issue that is involved in the conduct of military activities in the Chinese exclusive economic zone. Piracy is a contemporary issue that has immensely hampered vital activities in the coastal areas of most countries. Swaine (2011) points out that China is no exception to piracy because of its economic stability and faster growth. The country and specifically the coastal economic zone has been the target for most pirates who aim at increasing their profits. The contemporary issues involve the formulation of strategies that would help in piracy termination. Isaacson (2008) asserts that Chinese soldiers working in the exclusive economic zone constantly perform their duties in order to protect the territory from pirates. Strategies measures aimed at dealing with pirates that come to the Chinese coast have been put in place in order to ensure that only the right groups of individuals can access it. The elimination of piracy has ensured the continued growth of the region. In the recent years, the military have been patrolling the surrounding waters all day and night long in order to ensure that pirates do not come near to the coastal region.

In conclusion, the contemporary military issues concern present conditions mainly. Due to the military, the production of energy from water and wind is kept. The gradual elimination of piracy is one of the contemporary issues relating to the activities of the Chinese military. Piracy is another matter that has immensely affected the development of most coastal regions. This has been achieved with the help of fulltime patrols. The military have also participated in the improvement of security for navigators. Individuals are able to move around the Chinese coastal region without any fear. Lastly, the military has drawn maps indicating the boundaries to be adhered to by individuals. This ensures that effective monitoring of activities is promoted.


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