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The United States should not recognize these distinct historical experiences because they fall in the category of certain discriminative aspects in the cultural system. These distinct historical experiences are having negative role towards positive development on values such as meritocracy, faith and the egalitarianism. The historical experiences which are based on race, gender, sexual orientation are very specific in this aspect because through them the social equity was not advanced.

When these historical experiences are recognized, they will not be able to be erased from the minds of the political leadership and this may contribute to the further problems of social injustice or inequality. Cultural experiences were considered to be not fair at all based on these aspects of history. The only humble thing is to forget these experiences and assume that they never existed at all. By this, most of the new developments will be able to embrace the justice system and appreciate the efforts that had seen the elimination of the issues.

In terms of gender, the American historical experience did reflect certain many cases of gender biasness. According to poststructuralist feminism in the history of the American, they took emphasis on the language and theoretical aspects and discourses that had placed men and women as very different. This was violation of gender equality issues that when recognized will still have some bad side effects. The effects could range from more violation of this gender rights to a more complex scenario through the developments of new political policies.

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Racism was common in the American history. This was combined through integration of consideration of the blacks or non Americans as inferior to their American counterparts. This racism is violating the principle values and policies that enhance egalitarianism currently in the United States. In giving example in this case, gender issues had conquered poststructuralist feminist appropriation in the governmental studies. The major example is the representation of the Asian and the Latinas women as very docile and even are manually agile which justified that they were only best to be factory workers while the management level was meant for the whites. This perception on racial perpetration is not valid in the current development of the policies that facilitate faithfulness and meritocracy.

The kind of job which is done should just be based on merit but not the race factor. This will help in developing policies that enhance values in both political and social aspects. This meritocracy prevents issues of discrimination but fairness in the delivery of services. This helps in justifying the fact that the America should not recognize the historical practices that had tainted the image of the nation because they do not facilitate good governorship in the political arena. Even though sexual orientation becomes very controversial aspect in the history of America, It is treated as one of the social equality values that must be embraced by the political class and the people in leadership. It is one of the factors that do affect the values system but equally each and every individual have got right and freedom for social fairness.

The policies that the political class should develop will help in the popular development of this sensitive matter since it has been controversial in terms of allowing the gay and homosexuality practices in the America. In this aspect, the homosexuals have had slow progress in the attempts to be given equal rights. They were not considered in many areas of social life from the employment, military and even in the scouting field. The development of policies that have created equal opportunity for them has however improved the condition. This is in the sense of developing a political system that tends to support all the human rights. When all the previous discriminatory practices are recognized, they may have a negative effect on the policies and the national values that strengthen the American institutions.

Meritocracy have ensued the development of policies and laws on equal pay problems through legislation of the equal pay act which protect all the employees irrespective of the race, gender or sexual orientation. The political and the government structure helps in the reinforcements of this law in an effective way. Through doing this progressive changes over long period of time, it would be very meaningless to recognize such historical distinct that just negated such social values in the administration arena. People should jus be paid equally base on the merit of an individual and this will finally enhance development of the systems that will help in the new political governorship integrating policies that avoids the historical recognitions.

Advocating for these policies on the values drawn from the political support will generally help but not to recognize the historical practices that promoted ethnicity, racism and gender imbalance. This is why it is not very practical to recognize the historical aspects that never facilitate the social fairness, faith and meritocratical values that is required for the development of the political government policies.


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