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This PAC has always increased its financing to candidates. It has given more support to republican candidates than democrats. The trend was however skewed towards the democrats’ side in the 2010 elections. The Honeywell International gave out more moneys in 2012 when it has a total expenditure of $6,202,886. It is amazing that the PAC spent more than it received in 2010 elections. The 2010 elections also saw a record support to the Democratic Party candidate. The Honeywell International gives money to all candidates. History however has it that it has given more money to the republicans than democrats. Supporting candidates from both parties enables Honeywell International to receive more donations from supporters of both parties.

National Beer Wholesalers Assn

National Beer Wholesalers Assn has always supported political parties in increasing measure. The graph of support has always increased from 1990 to 2010. The present 2012 record is still low but there is great expectation even in this year. The National Beer Wholesalers Assn has always supported candidates from both political parties. The republicans have however received more support compared to the democrats’ counterparts. 2008 and 2010 are the only two years when National Beer Wholesalers Assn gave more money to the democrats. It is suggested that the running personality for each party always influences the amount of money that can be realized by any political party. Some candidates are likable than others. The PAC firms also donate moneys in such regard. The National Beer Wholesalers Assn gave out more money in 2010 when it spent $3,804,087 towards elections. The National Beer Wholesalers Assn would gain more moneys by supporting both parties. This is from a common sense perspective that many supporters will find it good to support their candidates.

AT&T Inc

The AT&T Inc has existed since time memorial. This PAC has always received moneys in increasing measures. It received more moneys in 2008 when it raised $4,955,419. This PAC has always supported republican candidates. The AT&T Inc received more moneys till 2008. The 2010 elections however realized only $4,604,563. The present campaigns have started realizing some funds. Presently, AT&T Inc has raised $2,562,578. This is bound to increase towards the election date. The AT&T Inc supports more republican candidates than democrats with the exception of 1990 and 1992. This support is evident from the graph. The red code represents the republicans while the blue code represents the democrats. The AT&T Inc also supports candidates from both parties. This opens more doors from which the PAC can receive funds.

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Part Two: Comparison of the Top Twenty PACs.

The separate list indicates PACs contribution to individual parties. It should be noted that some PACs exists in both lists. This means that they support both parties. The combined list has higher figures that the separate lists. PACs that support both parties have more money compared to the single party supporters. The leading in the separate list stands at $1,262,250 while the leading in the combined list stands at $1,768,562. In each of the lists, the first two PACs have more money compared to the subsequent financiers. The first two hit above one million dollars. The remaining PACs are lower than the one million mark. This means that some PACs are more famous than others.

The PACs that support both parties have an inclination towards one party than the other. This is evident from the percentages that are indicated. For example, Honeywell International gives 64% financial support to the Republican Party and only 34% to the democrats. Some PACs like the National Beer Wholesalers Assn, Credit Union National Assn and Comcast Corp have equal preference to the political parties. This means that they give almost equal amounts to the parties. It is also noted that some PACs are less famous compared to others. This is evident from the moneys that are realized. Some got less funding compared to others.  To total funds for democrats PACs was $14,193,102 while that for republicans was $14,521,618. From the data, republicans funding was $328,516 higher than that of democrats.

Money and politics are interdependent. One cannot function without the other. Money is very necessary to further political agendas. For instance, politicians use to money to lobby relevant administrative agencies as well as legislators into enacting favorable regulations. Democratic process such elections to fill public offices require money. Individuals competing for elective position require huge amount of money to support their campaign. It is always obvious that the candidate with a lot of money stands the better chance of winning a public office. This is because money gives them a lobbying power over their competitors. They are therefore capable of luring voters to their advantage.

Many times politicians have to spend much of their energy and time so as to win the interest of potential donors. As indicated above, many potential donors give money to political parties based on their manifestos. It is therefore the mandate of politicians to act favorably to win the interest of the huge donors. Clear evidences have been provided to support the argument that the votes accrued to a politician strongly correlates with their sources of funding.  As a result, candidates with fewer funds are often disadvantaged in terms of winning an elective post. As long as there is no properly designed system for funding electoral campaign, politicians will still have to go for private money if they are to emerge victorious.


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