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The recent killing of the United States ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens has hit global news headlines for some days. Although both opposition and government officials of the United States have condemned this attack, there are fundamental differences in these condemnations. This is evident from two articles titled ‘Washington's Mideast Follies’ and ‘Middle East Madness’ by Doug Bandow and Davis Hanson respectively both found in the "Real Clear Politics" website. Both articles present fact differently with respect to the national politics of the United States.

Hanson reported that officials from the government side, namely Whitehouse secretary and the United States ambassador to the United Nations dismissed the attacks so easily. In their comment, the two said that the attacks are as a result of an insensitive video that attacks Islam (Hanson, 2012). In other words, the attacks were not directed to Americans in general except for that unfortunate incident. This is perhaps mean to dismiss any allegations that the government was sleeping on its job. On the other hand, Bandow’s article quotes opposition leaders blaming the government for failing to put precautionary measure for the eventuality. The republican presidential candidate is quoted saying that the attacks are as a result of poor leadership (Bandow, 2012). This is means to portray the opposition as an alternative to the current regime, given that elections are nearing, and the opposition needs to gather more support that is political.

Americans are portrayed as progressive people who are always willing to support reality rather than promises. Bandow’s article portrays president Obama as a man full of promises that seem unrealistic while Romney is portrayed as a person with realistic promises like helping the world achieve permanent peace with the Middle East (Bandow, 2012). This is probably meant to show that a Romney administration will end the war in the Middle East and bring back the United States troops serving there. Contrary to this picture, Hanson’s (2012) article presents Obama’s views that he is ever after piece, citing support by the United States in removing Middle East dictators.


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