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The main points in the debate

One of the key issues in the October 22 presidential debate was that of military spending. Mitt Romney made some significant claims about the capabilities of the military and supported his idea about the need to increase spending on it. He claimed that the air force and the navy were smaller and older today than they have been in history. This showed a need to increase their spending to improve their capabilities. In President Obama’s views, this is unnecessary because he has increased military spending every year since he assumed office. He highlighted that the pivotal point was not the numbers but the capabilities of what was available.

The issue of Israel was also significant in the debate. The two candidates acknowledged the significance of Israel as an ally of the United States, but Governor Romney was critical of the way President Obama had handled himself after assuming office. Romney criticized what he labeled as an apology tour to the Middle East and his critique of America. Romney felt that the president was wrong for neglecting Israel during these tours.

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Influence on the attitudes about the candidates

The debate influenced my attitudes about the candidates. It showed their commitment towards a stronger economy and the need to ensure fair trade with China. I admired the strategies proposed by Romney on ensuring that China becomes a fair trade partner through preventing intellectual property theft and proper valuation of the currency. President Obama also had key points on the issue of China. This also showed some weaknesses in the ideas proposed by Romney about the auto industry and the tax codes. Obama highlighted how his strategies have changed the trade balance with China and are focused on bringing jobs back to the United States.

Irrelevant issues during the debate

The debate was effective in ensuring that only issues that are relevant to Americans were discussed. The moderator had selected proper questions that steered the candidates to discuss issues such as foreign policy on China, the Middle East and other nations. It also addressed domestic issues concerning the budget and defense spending.

What was learnt about the candidates during the debate?

Before the debate, I did not know that the president had visited Israel as a candidate. During that visit, he went to the holocaust museum of Yad Vashem and the border town of Sderot. This was the inspiration for the Iron Dome program (WPTV). This was not popularized in the media or the campaigns although it represents the president’s commitment to Israel as an ally. The debate also highlighted some issues about Romney that had not been seen earlier. His stance on the actions that should be pursued in relation to China and unfair trade practices. Romney is of the idea that there should be a crackdown on China for currency manipulation and intellectual property infringement. He also highlights some conflicting ideas that China should be viewed as a partner and not an enemy. His ideas of dealing with China do not represent any part where the country would feel like an ally. Romney’s policies concerning China are not at all clear.

Reasons why I support Obama

I support Obama for the presidency because he highlighted remarkably clear policies on promoting education such as ensuring availability of student loans. He also addressed the issue of community colleges and enhancing their training capabilities (CBS News). Obama’s plan for enhancing job creation includes changing the tax codes for companies that are outsourcing to increase fairness in trade. Energy efficiency and sustainability are also highlighted with a focus on development of sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. Obama is diplomatic in his approach to foreign policy issues and response to terrorism and instability in some regions such as Pakistan and the Middle East.


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