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In American history, presidents have been looked at in different ways. Some were loved by citizens, but accomplished nothing in office. Others made commendable decisions and improved the economy, but got overlooked. Therefore, it is important to focus on the most important characteristics of a good president as far as the up-coming election is concerned. One of the characteristics is intelligence, which is vital to any leader. This is the ability to make realistic decisions and policies, which require intelligence. A president should be able to assess and acquire extensive knowledge of the political system in America. Intelligence comes with advanced public speaking skills. Talking to the people is very important. Good speaking skills make it easy to convince the audience and win their heart.

The second important characteristic is the president’s view on job-related issues. People really worry about their future. The issue of job opportunity might work for or against a presidential candidate as far as gaining support is concerned. The president is required to show a plan of how he/she intends to create more jobs while upgrading the existing ones. Citizens would opt to vote for a president who gives realistic promises and explains how he/she intends to achieve them. Creation and development of jobs is the main concern of an average citizen in any country, because jobs help people build their future, family and economy of a country.

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Another characteristic of a good president is the ability to work with other people. Nobody is an island. People need each other to succeed in anything. A president should be an outgoing person who would be able to associate with various stakeholders with an aim of moving the country forward. Therefore, this will allow making of sound decisions, brainstorming of ideas and gaining support when things get worse.

Qualities of President Obama

President Obama has various qualities that fit him properly in the job of president of the USA. It should not be a gamble to obtain a qualified president in America. Facts have to be tabled, analyzed and agreed upon. Nowadays, one of the important qualities of President Obama is being a guardian of the economy.  This is because he managed to raise the America’s economy from -58 to -27 confidence index.  Also, Obama managed to raise the job creation index from -5 to 19. The source of strength in America is the economy. The country is always involved in the issues concerned with the shifts in the economy all over the world. The fall of the America’s economy would affect many countries, especially the developing ones. Therefore, a good president should be able to monitor the progress of the economy and formulate strategies of sustenance. Economic strengths improve lifestyles and lives of citizens as everybody is able to earn a living.

Another quality that characterizes Obama is the ability to be a director of Foreign Policy. The role is very vital as far as the role of the US in the world’s affairs. As one of the super powers, America has a big role to play in the international relations. Maintaining peace in war torn nations, declaring war on stubborn nations as well as offering grants and economic support to developing nations involves a well-developed foreign policy. The president has managed to earn respect internationally due to his/her sound decisions as far as international relations are concerned. For instance, Israel is currently irritated by the Iran’s nuclear facility and is threatening to attack. However, Obama’s intervention has prevented an outbreak of war between the two nations. Offering a sound decision is crucial in directing foreign policy.

Jobs and Economy

The current campaign in America is revolving around jobs and economy. Each candidate is required to convince people on how jobs and economy will be addressed in the next government. President Obama and the democrats picked the economy at a free fall. He developed it until where it is today. The democrats are fighting to strengthen the economy further while creating more jobs for American workers. According to Adams (2012), this will be done through ending tax loopholes for companies, tax cuts for small businesses, investing in clean-energy economy and engaging Americans in building the infrastructure. In addition, Obama has another economic policy to be implemented in 2013. This policy involves college affordability plan. The policy will be achieved by providing an income-based repayment to manage their loan debts.

Obama has shown concern on the involvement of women in economic growth. He argues that for every one dollar earned by an American man, a woman earns 77% of it by doing the same job. Most women are breadwinners in their families and as such require as much income as the men. On the contrary, Mitt Romney still cannot offer women a straight answer on his stand as far as Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay act is concerned (Adams, 2012). Instead, he referred to women as resumes in the binder. Obama maintains that he would build the economy from the middle out. This means that the public investment would target programs that mostly benefit the middle class such as infrastructure, education and job training. Obama has boosted the America’s economy in the last four years. Thus, he has an experience and knows the loopholes that need improvements to achieve success. Allowing Romney to take over at the expense of Obama is a gamble not worth talking.


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