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The democratic values of American society have been undermined on September 11, 2001. The power that the United States possessed for a long period of time as well as the safety of American society prior to the attacks started to vanish. Due to these facts, it is important to evaluate the process of change in the society since that tragic day.

American government took steps to prevent the terrorist attacks in the future. However, the increase of security measures which followed took away some of the freedoms of American citizens. Despite the fact that such measures were an important step to eliminate terrorism within the United States, there are many opponents to this policy. The position, which the society took in order to fight those responsible for the death of innocent people in the World Trade Center, remains uncertain.

Due to the fact that Americans have long enjoyed the democratic freedom and those civil rights which can be derived from democratic freedom, the whole process became a rather painful transformation of values and habits. The whole social position of the American citizen was undermined, and this is one of the judgments that opponents of the policy are actively referring to.

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However, these changes in American society demonstrated that the civil rights, which became a normal practice, can be easily transformed into other civil rights that aim at increasing the safety of the whole American nation. These changes reveal the fact that American society, despite the typical democratic values for which this society is recognized worldwide, can adapt to changes within a rather short period of time and even promote these changes among other nations and societies.

Terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 have changed the mindset of American citizens. The belief in total security they have within their country has disappeared, while the fear of death in public places emerged. For this reason, the limitations of social freedom and the pressure on their social lives is seen as important measure to prevent negative consequences of security absence in the period of terrorism.

The question of whether these measures are important and really help prevent the accidents and terrorist attacks is arguable. Thus, opponents claim that no communication records can help prevent the terrorist attack in the modern world of advanced technology. Besides that, the majority of the measures are seen as an execution of government power, rather than necessary safety features, which aim at securing the lives of American citizens. The opponents also argue that these measures and the overall policy that shortens the amount of social freedom are not justified and do not help prevent the catastrophe. Additionally, the opponents combine the social pressure with the negative consequences of Iraq War when so many lives of American citizens were lost. All this added together presents a strong negative social position of some groups of American citizens towards the changes in safety policy and regulations which were implemented shortly after the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.

Both positive and negative positions have their reasoning and justifications; both positions can be debated. However, instead of helping the citizens cope with changes in social policies and instead of bringing more information about how these measures help increase the safety of people’s lives, the American government has taken a policy of indifference towards what their society thinks. Such policy, given the fact that the amount of negative judgments are growing, could result in unwanted consequences for the American government and the society in general.


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