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The end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century witnessed a lot of terrorist activities across the globe. Among the nations which were most affected is the United States of America. This has triggered this nation and other nations across the globe to focus on different ways and means of eradicating terrorism across the globe. Consequently, nations from different continents have formed alliances in order to deal effectively with this issue (White 120). However, some continents still lag behind in their fight against terrorism due to certain limitations. Among them is the African continent. In line with this, some analysts believe that African nations need to take a more active role in the war on terrorism while most social scientists think that economic and social problems dwarf terrorism.

These two positions which are held by some analysts on one hand and social scientists on the other have raised serious questions about the role of Africa in global terrorism. To begin with, it is important to understand that political, economic and social instability remain as some of the factors across the globe which promote or rather cultivate environments under which terrorist activities thrive. Note that whereas most terrorists are supported by well-established, rich people mostly from the Middle East, these people have shifted their cells to Africa, riding on the inability of African nations to support their own social and economic structures as well as reinforce their security forces to combat security threats such as terrorism (White 282). Additionally, the lack of stable governments among most African nations has turned these nations into transit points of terrorists.

Following the above points, it is important to categorically state that the position that some analysts believe that African nations need to take a more active role in the war on terrorism is correct while on the other hand; arguments that economic and social problems dwarf terrorism are unfounded. Therefore, the participation of African nations in the war on terror can be enhanced effectively by developing policies which will address both economic and social problems as well as security issues with an inclination on terrorism (White 280). Note that for African nations to stand against terrorism effectively, they need to be empowered economically as well as socially; more so by establishing stable governments and sending aid to enhance their infrastructure. Putting these in place will help greatly in the fight against terrorism.


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