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George Washington did resign as the commander –in- chief of the armed forces commission. He was the father of the American people back in the year 1799. It is a memorable event and decision in the history of the American nation. The resignation took pace in 1783 at the state of Maryland. The decision was very significant to the government of the United States of America. There was a basis for the formation of the military rule in the US. There was transformational leadership from the military rule to civilian rule. There was total death of the dictatorial rule. There was the emergence of the republican rule. There are portraits of Washington’s different life stages. This event is also depicted on the canvas. George Washington was a great maker of the American thought in different perspectives.

The resignation was received with different overtones. Some saw it as a foundation of liberty and equality among the American people. Over a long period, there was over reliance on the military rule. This was undermining democracy. The Americans were like military recipients. The will of the people was negligible. The president’s word was like a law. This ended upon the resignation of George Washington as the commander of the armed forces.

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December 23, 1783 remains to be a historical day all over the world. The resignation came immediately after the signing of Treaty of Paris. There was subsequent Washington’s retire to the home town of Virginia. The resignation was with satisfaction of diligence accorded to the American people. In his resignation speech, he acknowledged that the resignation superseded power of the union. The willing spirit to go back to civilian life was very welcoming among the majority of the Americans (Clayton, 2010).

The resignation was an element of transformation of American leadership from the hard struggle to gain independence into a nation ready for evolution. This was the new spirit of the people. The independence was a prime factor in the history of Americans. The US was a former colony of the British. This is the rationale for the close links of the Great Britain and the US. This is a true reflection of shift from dictatorship to republican rule.

There was a feeling that the powers conferred on the commander would have enabled him to have solitary powers on the new nation. This would have triggered conflict and shed off the gains of the new dawn of revolution. On the contrary, some politicians were positioning themselves to make Washington the new king of the independent America. Washington was sharp in his leadership approach. This was truly reflected in the decline of the offer of the new king. This was a fortification of the pillars of founding the new nation. The resignation was a good idea to the republicans in the United States of America (Clayton, 2010).

He did plea with the military officers to accept the new mode of leadership. This was a true leadership in the spirit of democracy. He distinguished himself as the leader and founder of the democratic America. The stay in power would have enabled him to continue to patron the congress. This was not the true spirit of democracy.

There was a theatre of power and action when one was king in power in a country. The great nation was now free to heed the new leadership of the American people. The resignation was equivalent to taking of a leave from public life and employment. Critics see the act of resignation as a betrayal of the loyalist of his good leadership.


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