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India is a country that was an amalgamation of many kingdoms; the aspect of kingdom dominated the nation part of the country. Cultural flow had for a long time defined the country until when the kingdoms started falling apart and only a few of the kingdoms stood strong. The remaining ones led to a regime of having a nation within a nation.

The Aryans’ kingdom was considered as a dominant group and also superior as compared to the other kingdoms. Their agricultural prowess gave them an edge over the others. Their desire to build their economy through infrastructural development was an added advantage to their success. The presence of a strong kingdom influenced the spread of cultural ideals and religion of India throughout Asia.

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Religion and culture shaped the strongest kingdom in India and, thus, determined the success of the Indian nation. The Aryans were Muslims and they embraced the two factors and took control of the nation. Aryans were considered super powers in line with the large number of livestock that they held at that time. The ruling culture has trickled down to their families and friends, and they still follow the regime that was embraced and cemented by their forefathers.

Over time India has embraced the idea of a global village and the migration of people from different parts of the world to the country. This has allowed for cross cultural migration and has created room for introduction of different cultures, as well as new religions in the country. Although the influence of strong kingdom is still felt, and majority of citizens adapt the culture of the Aryans, India has become a diverse society as it can allow any religious group to dominate and rule it. This is evident as the nation has had many transitions in its leadership. Despite the fact that kingdoms are the main determinants of the nature of the Indian nation at this moment, culture, infrastructural development and religions played and still play a great part in the development and shaping of the nation.

Infrastructural development in particular is gradually becoming one of major strategies of developing India. India is investing in its infrastructure and this is attracting many investors into the country. This is boosted by the government’s emphasis on security and a conducive environment for trading. This aspect of development is slowly rising to defining Indian nation.


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