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Question 1. I would not say that something discourages me from voting in this election, since one can clearly see that both candidates represent opposite political parties and opposite approaches to how America should deal with its economic difficulties, issues of war, ethical matters like abortion etc. Staying away from the election would mean indifference to how the country, in which I will live, will look like in the future. I believe that it is senseless, because the decisions made by the future President will impact my personal life, my loved ones, and my career – just about anything that is the most important in my life.

Question2 . I suppose that voting turnout has become low for the reason that people do not think that their vote is important. They lack interest and that is the major problem. The difference between this generation and the earlier ones is that years ago people had to fight and sacrifice something to break through the barriers of injustice to have equal and proper rights. Now we have them, and we have become lazy, since there is nothing to fight for. When you do not have something important for you, you strive to get it. When you have it, it becomes usual and mundane for you, losing its genuine worth. If we behave and think like this, we actually dishonor all those who suffered to earn the equal voting rights for the people of today.

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Question 3. We live in a little bit different America today compared to the times when, for example, younger people protested against that they had to be 21 to vote. They wanted to fight for fair conditions for all. Today, people need to be encouraged at least to get up and vote. Our present culture is based on benefits, extra bonuses etc. That is why, I think, in order to increase voter turnout I would additionally suggest some perks for those vote depending on their age. For example, young people who can prove that they have voted could have a one-time discount for their college tuition fees. The working people could be encouraged by a financial bonus from the company they work for. In other words, I think that today to make people get up and do something for their country you have to pay them or give them something. Otherwise, the diagnosis of the society will be the same – lack of interest.

Part 2.

Opinion 1. I totally agree that clarification of the political platform is a great idea. The projects that the candidates offer us when they come to power should be presented in a simple easy-to-understand form. We have the Bible versions in the old King James translation and in basic contemporary English. Why not use the same approach and simplify?

Opinion 2. I cannot say that if people see this video, they will go and vote. The video is about history, but ordinary people of today are deep down in their current problems of personal or financial matters, and the video will not help them forget about them. I suppose that it all depends upon the person and his or her social position, which is either active or passive. To be active, you have to be a thinking personality, and also a proper environment to be brought up in.

Opinion 3. I think we should not be as much emotional about voting the first time. We should be more rational. We must not vote because we like or dislike this or that candidate, but because we clearly understand what he wants to do when he becomes President. Voting is teamwork. If I do not want to do my part, the whole team will suffer this way or another. In this case, the team is the country. If you do not vote, and a number of others will not just like you, the candidate that you wanted to be President will lose and the country will take the course that you thought was not good for the nation.


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