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What is the Relationship between Democracy and Development?

The recent purpose of the global policy is to spread the democracy among different nations and introduce it to the countries with the tyranny power of one dictator. The sincere intentions of the democracy are to bring to the country equal rights among different segments of the society, and provide free expressions of any form of individuality. However, we have to understand how the promotion of democracy influences the development of the country. Is it a good thing for further stable growth of the economy and cultural traditions for the country that for many years got used to the power of one leader or particular order? The democracy is a good concept as it protects and serves for the right of poor, although it is a peaceful concept that could provide decent development.   

Generally speaking, the democracy inherently is a good position of the developed country. It is a political regime which is primarily relies on the approach of the collective decision-making with the same effect on the outcome of the trial participants. It serves to provide equal rights and opportunities for people in the country. It means that the people are the only legitimate source of the power. In turn, the development is a process that directed to change cultural and material objects in order to improve them. It is characterized by the qualitative and quantitative improvements of the country’s structure and social progress. The democracy and development are linked with positive consequences to the country. The introduction of the democracy to the country will accelerate the progress of the development. It will give more opportunity to make the innovation for a wide range of people with their own ideas for development, and it will have a positive effect on the society. Such phenomena as tyranny and dictatorship could cause social instability and economically irrational decisions. Some experts argue that democracy could be the last good thing for the economic growth, the main idea of which is investments. Democracies cannot bring stable flow of investment to the country. “The ‘trade-off’ perspective argues that investment suffers in democracies because people will not voluntary their consumption or increase their savings and investment” (Kurzman 6).

However, the main features representing democracy are aimed to create necessary conditions for the development of the country. It could provide the freedom of the political rights and liberties. It is probably the best concept that serves the poor who are the majority of the population in most of the countries. From this point of view, the democracy is a good instrumental policy in the creation of the decent quality of life. It is the point that could provide the economical development. Of course, it is very difficult to reach a real democracy. However, it is possible to maintain it with the law and respect for human rights. With the help of democracy it is possible to save the recognition of the inherent dignity of all people. It means that it could provide a stable development. The democracy and development are complementary and closely related. The first is characterized by the system of legislation. The lack of justice directly affects the development, because it opens a way to the inefficient management and distribution of the corruption. Any development is impossible in the case of the lawlessness.

Democracy is tightly related to the development. Instead of war actions, this form of government is characterized by peaceful solutions for internal contradictions.  Democracy, as a factor of peace, creates favorable conditions for the development. The equal rights and conditions that could be established by the democracy will serve as a way to stable prosperity.


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