Free «Political Role of Women in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon» Essay Sample

Currently, the political roles of women have increased greatly in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Jordan. These are the three countries whose political arenas have been dominated by men.

Women have been tasked with aiding in improving democracy. The leadership of these countries has been dominated by monarchs. This rule limited the rights of women and at times even denied them. As a result, it was the political role of women to stand up and push for democracy

Motivation is another political role played by women. The participation of women in politics also empowers others. They motivate the young women and others who wish to emulate them in taking up the leadership posts in the governments.

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Women also play an important role in economic development. Women tend to be better at executing developments than men. Since the political environment did not favor women in the past, the countries lagged behind the countries, where women were given more political freedom, in terms of economic development.

Women have been discriminated and violated in these countries for a long period. However, it is their political role to push for gender equality.

It is their role to ensure that they are involved more in the decision making of their respective nations. Voting is a decision that most women never did, and as a result, they never participated fully in the political scenery. They never elected leaders of their choice, and as a result, they had little effect in major political decisions.

Again, women have strengthened their role in the civil society. This has happened because of the increased training and political awareness raising projects. This has resulted to increased educational levels in the political sector among women.

In conclusion, it is for this reason that there is a changing trend in the number of women gaining leadership positions. Major decisions have also been affected by the role of women in the political sector.


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