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Obama is considered to be progressive because of his endeavor to complete and perfection the grand liberal project which was started in the last century. This is evident in the uncommon knowledge. The grand liberal project is basically; the American liberal journey which was initiated in the past one century in the American progressive period. The advancement of this liberalism has been in form of wave series which have been sweeping a cross the 19th century. These series include the new deal, progressivism, the great society as well as the counterculture. Barak Obama is considered as the great breakthrough for the forth modern American liberalism. The most fundamental aspects of the four wave series is the political liberalism because it believes in advancement or progress. Barak Obama's new deal will settle down the political liberalism into chief ideological constituent of the Democratic Party (Kesler, 2009).

In the beginning what were there were basically the progressive republicans, progressive Democrats as well as the Theodore Roosevelt wing. These three parties were characterized by a common impatience in aspects of the constitution as well as the old forms of the United States politics.

In there own view they considered it to be outmoded; in other words they considered the constitution to be old fashioned and not in a position to fully solve the issues which were cropping up in the 20th and the 21st century. Therefore there was the need for replacement and rehabilitation of constitution in use. The first critic of the constitution in use was Woodrow Wilson who wanted to amend it into a kind of a parliamentary system. Due to his immaturity in politics he opted to transform the constitution from within. That is by changing the spirit in which people view the constitution.

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Due to the weakness of the constitution Obama looked for a way to create an enormous change and some of his strategies include turning the court back into kind of an activist which is similar to that of Warren era. Obama also intends to break from the common aspect of the five four log jam which has entangled the court for a whole generation. One aspect which clearly indicates his endeavor is the Sotomayor's nomination. The main reason for the above mentioned action is to reinstate the living constitution to vigor and full health.

Obama is out to attain what all the democratic presidents have longed for since FDR; that is simply national healthcare. Every indication reveals that the chances of him succeeding are very high because is an icon of the best shot of all democratic presidents since the FDR. As far as cultural liberalism is concerned Obama has already downplayed the agenda which are in respect to culture (Kesler, 2009).

Obama has stepped back in cultural liberalism and it's a clear picture of the 1960s social radicalism. What he has done clearly indicates his understanding of the impacts of the cultural liberalism of the time. For these reasons he's out to cool the issues which arose at the time by demonstrating new Democratic Party maturity. The two aspects which clearly characterize him as far as this issue is concerned is his substantive and stylistic nature. He has a well functioning marriage though he adores an old fashioned nuclear setting. His old fashioned actions as far as cultural liberalism is concerned clearly show the needed maturity. He is out to show that adults can also be cool despite the generation and the times they are in besides that he has shown some kind of self restrictions which accompanies liberation. He's accepted gay marriages though it's not clear about his near future intentions. He embraces religion and as a result his brought some of religion's aspects into the public. For these reasons Obama is progressive because as any other liberal leader he hopes the future will take them to a deeper social democracy besides greater socialized direction (Kesler, 2009).

In the article "what Obama isn't saying his attention of achieving what many president who have gone before have failed are evident. His speech during the healthcare congress clearly reveals his intentions. His initial objective is to nonpartisan by putting America in a place where it does not require parties. His aspiration is towards the ideology of American party government. Therefore his main intention of nonpartisanship is well coined in the ideology of progressive. That is the reason he been described as progressive (Mansfield, 2010).

Obama's intention is to put healthcare above politics so that, that issue is resolved once and for all. This dream will be achieved when health care is granted for all.

Obama employed a nonpartisan strategy which made government control an option for health insurance market instead of market regulator. The way of governing that Obama has resolved to is more of rational control whereby the government is guided by reason which does not attract reasoning but rather attracts motives which lead to rationality without proper understanding. Others view his strategies as to demanding and decisive to succeed. Obama evaded many challenges and opposition by making people to focus on the end results. Many critics argue that Obama employs the aura of monarchy skillfully to succeed in his partisan's argument. Obama's move is towards progression though there are many critics and intellectuals who are waiting to see the outcome of all intentions. One of greatest aspiration is Obama is religion of humanity and that is the reason why he wants to create a nonpartisan America (Mansfield, 2010).


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