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Culture of France

French people and French culture has been influenced by geography, historical events, foreign forces, internal forces and groups. Paris has played a major role as the center of culture and decorative arts since the Seventeenth century, initially in Europe, and since the nineteenth onwards, world wide. Franker has also played a major role in cinema, fashion, cuisine, and modern art. Significance of French culture has declined and expanded over the centuries depending on political, economical and military significance. A French culture is marked by great socioeconomic and regional differences and by strong uniting propensity (Dauncey, 2003).


The French republic government is a semi-presidential structure that is founded by the French Constitution of the fifth Republic. The French nation asserts itself to be an "indivisible, secular, democratic, and social Republic".

The constitution of the fifth republic provides for a division of powers and asserts France's "attachment to the Rights of Man and the principles of national sovereignty as defined by the Declaration of 1789" (Dauncey, 2003).

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French economy is a mixed economy. In nominal terms, it is the largest in the world, behind the United States, China, Japan, and Germany. In terms of purchasing power, France is the eighth biggest. Economy of France is the second largest in Europe after Germany in nominal terms and fourth biggest after Germany, Russia, and United Kingdom by PPP. It was announced by INSEE On May 15, 2009, that France has officially got into a recession after its GDP went down by 1.2% of Q1 in the year 2009.


The educational system of France is highly organized, centralized, and ramified.

It constitutes of three stages: Primary and secondary education is mostly public, while higher education is both public and private. To end their secondary education, students sit for a baccalauréat exam, which lets them to go for higher education.


France is a secular nation where freedom of religion and thought is preserved, by the 1789 "Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen." The Republic is founded on the belief of laïcité, which is the freedom of religion and comprises of agnosticism and atheism put in force by the Jules Ferry laws and the "1905 law on the separation of the State and the Church, which was enacted at the commencement of the Third Republic between the year1871 and 1940. 51% of the populations are Catholics. France assures a freedom of religion as a right and this right in practice is generally respected by the government. A long record of fierce conflict among groups made the state to smash its connections to the Catholic Church at the commencement of the last century and took on a strong commitment to uphold an absolutely secular public sector (Hall, Edward, Mildred, 1990).


France is among the largest high tech developers in Europe. Its first high-tech industrial zone was built in (often called in French them "technopoles") in 1969. That was Sophia Antipolis, the largest park of research in France, led the advancement of the South of France, particularly the Côte d'Azur into a main high tech zone. Other areas of France are competing for the high tech crown.

The France government endeavors to foster the advancement of science parks, research parks, and "technopoles".


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