Free «Africa and the Aid Trap: Looking at Liberia» Essay Sample

Africa as a continent has experienced her fair share of problems affecting the world today.

The biggest of this has been the political instability that has been experienced in various regions of this content. Some of these have translated into the more ugly side of the never ending civil wars as we see in various places such as Somalia, Sudan and DRC Zaire.

Some of these war ravaged regions also attract large international attention because of the virgin and rich mineral resource deposits that multinationals have their eyes on.

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A typical example is Liberia with rich deposits of diamonds. Due to this fact the war in these regions is not only dangerous internally and externally but becomes more complex as more and more parties get involved. The international community has stepped in with a not so profiting venture, training and disarming the factions. While the nationals remain poor and vulnerable ravaged by the war, the international community is pouring in millions of dollars to stabilize these nations, disarm factions and establishing counter intelligence links.

Such countries with Liberia being a typical example remain perpetually trapped dependant on the international community aid to stabilize and survive. With all aid coming in, Liberia is considered as home to the largest UN peace keeping operation yet still considered as one of the world's poorest is just the irony of this aid trap.(1)

Aid coming in has been seen as a door to dependency and an avenue to corruption.

Most of this aid will end up in the wrong hands because of lack of proper governance structures and accountability which is always a characteristic of the nations emerging from civil wars.

The simmering wars have become a threat even to the international community churning out batteries of insurgents who are a security risk globally. (2)


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