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I come from a middle class family located in the interior part of the state of Dallas, Texas. The major economic activity of where I come is mainly wheat farming and livestock keeping. Generally most of my community members are farmers as they posses huge tracks of land that they use as a way of boosting there economic condition. In addition, ensuring that they get some income from the farm activities they get involved in.

When I was a young child growing up in this region I was amongst some of the children who lots of problems this resulted from the disease that was constantly affecting my community members I was amongst the people in the community who was affected with the diabetes disease. I was forced to drop out of school for a while so that I can recover from my illness and at the same time give my family some time to raise the required amount of money for my medication. In deed, this experience pushed me to the point of taking GSU courses in order to be able to help my community which looses a lot of its population to this disease diabetes and save the other members of my community from the negative effects of this disease. This would be through working as a social worker guided by my friend who is a practicing doctor.

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The medical experts in my community, have conducted a research and survey on the prevalence on the reported cases of diabetes in my community. This mace me realize that the cases of Diabetes amongst the people in my community are common cases; and at the same time it's the leading killer disease amongst the people my community (, 2006).

What Shows That Problem Exists and It Effects on the Community

After conducting the research on the prevalence of Diabetes in my community it has apparently become clear that Diabetes is a common disease in my community. Statistics indicate that 4 out of every 10 people in the community have high chances of developing Diabetes. This is according to the resent research that was conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO). These statistics clearly indicate that chances of a person from my community being affected by diabetes are greater than other sections of the country (Lawrence, et al. 2008). 

There are several alarming indicators and practices in my community that clearly substantiate the validity of the research conducted by the World Health Organization. Most cases show that the cases of diabetes in the community are as a result of the people behaviors but not naturally motivated. They include the following common practices in my community such as the poor dietary choices, smocking, infection with viruses, emotional stress, obesity and finally age; which in most cases isn't that much considered as a root cause of the disease. 

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Diabetes is a common disease that affects my community as a result of the cultural and behavioral that makes the people in my community more exposed to the diseases and from the research; the diseases is as a resulted by the people behaviors.

Smoking is a common occurrence in my community to the extent of the women and even the youths indulging in smocking. Smoking does not only cause lung cancer amongst the people who are frequent smokers; but it also exposes the smokers to increased chances of developing Diabetes. The smoke from the cigarette will result to the person developing Retinopathy and joint immobility that are some of the causes of diabetes on the people (Lawrence, et al. 2008).

Emotional stress is also a common occurrence that is amongst my community members. This is because of the fluctuating economy, increased over indulgence in physical activities in order to make the extra cash, and intra-family commotions. These stress increased stress levels disrupts the normal functioning of the pancreas; thus resulting to unbalanced sugar level in the body making them sick (, 2006).

The pancreas like any other body organ is prone to be affected with diseases; there is a virus known as Coxsackie B that affects the pancreas. This makes the pancreas unable to perform its duties normally and in the process makes it impossible to maintain a balanced sugar level of the blood. This in the process makes the person develop diabetes as a result of poor balance of the blood sugar (, 2006). 

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Poor dietary choices (Patterns) is also seen as another contributor of the to my community's problems. This is because these people stick to eating foods that are not well balanced; in that they contain a lot of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and others minerals. That are used by the body of an individual, in order for the body to perform its duties it has to have a well balance of nutrients, and a deficiency or excess of it will result to the pancreas failure and this will eventually result to Diabetes.

I have worked as a social worker against diabetes because it has created a void in the community since it has led to many people dead while other spending a lot of cash for treatment and mediation. In addition, I am against it because of the negative impacts that it has on my community other than leaving a lot of children in my community orphans. It has also increased the numbers of widows and widowers in my community as most of the people in my community have died because of this disease (Lawrence, et al. 2008).

Diabetes has also reduced the economical activities of my community and state; this is because the people of my community are sickly as most of the people who are supposed to be actively involved in these economical activities are subjected to bed rest. Their physicians have asked them to take some time to rest in order to reduce the chances of becoming more sick; and make the medication they are taking is more effective and work in there favor.

Ways of Solving the Problem and How They Will Solve the Problem

There are several ways that I propose will be of great help to my community if implemented. This is in attempts aimed at ensuring that the state of my community current state is improved from worsening and at the same time that the community state.

As social worker and advised by my friend who is a doctor, I recommend that my community individuals should be able to change their eating habits; in that they should aim at eating well balanced foods that will ensure that their bodies are supplemented with the required minerals for a healthy growth and proper functioning of the body organs (Chong's Health Care, 2009). The other proposal for my community is to encourage all the people should undertake tests that will show if they are infected with diabetes. From this early diagnosis it will ensure that they take medication at the right time and those who are not infected by the disease are given instructions that will ensure that they stay away from contacting the disease and thus stay healthy.

The patients who are diagnosed with Diabetes should be able to take their medication regularly. Additionally, they should be able to follow the physician's instruction and not indulged in other activities that will expose them more in contracting the disease; this includes activities like smocking, drinking and drug abuse (Lawrence, et al. 2008).

I also advocate to my community to indulge in physical exercises such as walking, swimming, running, playing soccer and other sports like skating and physical activities. These will ensure that the community will be in a point to that they are physically fit and the cases of obesity and diabetes will be a rare occurrence.

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