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My two consecutive shifts in a placement clinic has actually given me a chance to really realize the importance of my position as a nursing aid to the patients I attended to. It was during these times that I was able to learn how the different aspects of nursing actually help in the process of intervening with the recovery and medication that the patients need to receive. In this section a discussion of my specific experiences with my patient is recorded.

My patient was Anna [a name I prefer to call her], a fifty five year old woman who is suffering from breast cancer and is currently in the process of recovery and medication. She is undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy, procedures that would actually require extra care on my part as the caregiver. My first move during the first time when I was first introduced to the patient, I did my best to know much about her through letting her no my name, talking to her and just letting her feel as relaxed as possible. I knew that I had to know her not only as my patient but also as a person so as to establish a fine connection that would help me best to get her cooperation when it comes to dealing with some medical procedures she has to undergo.

Anna was rather open about her life and her worries as a mother. I felt like as if I’ve known her for a very long time already during that time when she mentioned to me about her personal being. I listened carefully as she mentions about the doubts that she may be carrying as I think I could use this information in case certain issues arise during my duty of assisting he. This instances I mention about are possible moments that might jeopardize the medication procedures due to the insecurities or the possible doubts of the patient. Knowing about her would give me a better edge on how to manage certain situations that are better able to calm the patient well. In the process, it also helped so much when she allowed me to read through her personal notes. It actually made me feel trusted and it basically provided me a better chance to see through the need of taking care of that trust.

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On the part of patient-directed assistance, I could also remember the time when she asked me about the importance of being aware of the things that might cause her some infections. She knew that her immune system was rather weak and was quite in the middle of worries. I then told her that I would be there constantly to make sure that she would be safe from infections. However, her personal care about the utensils she use, the cleanliness of everything in her room and all the other things that she uses personally. I told her that making sure about these matters is important. Careful attention to specific nutritional needs is also essential. I told her how the food she would be eating is prescribed by the doctor and is sure to give her all the nutrients she needs for the sake of improved stages of recovery that she needs as immediate as possible. On my part, I assured her that I would check regularly on her developments and make sure that everything needed for her medication would be well given attention to. My adherence to infection prevention and control policies as well as my assurance that other colleagues working with her would also follow the basic procedures of giving care for her actually has given her the chance to put her trust into the system of the clinic and the process of assistance that I am ready to give her.

There was a time when she also did not really want to eat the lunch that has been prepared for her. I tried to retell her how important it was to eat what was given to her but she still refused. I understand that pushing it more would only stress her more. I thought that there might be some things that could be worrying her at the moment bringing her to less interest in eating her lunch. So what I did was to simply ask her to eat a few as not eating at all could actually cause her health status some immediate failure. I also offered her that if she would eat everything prepared for her, I would bring her anything she might fancy. She then said she would want some ice cream. I bought one for her and she smiled as she agreed to eat everything. As she finished, I thanked her and appreciated her cooperation on the matter.

There was also one instance when the situation I had with her actually taught me that sometimes, listening is something that must be applied well when conversing with patients. It was a sunny day when I asked her if she wanted me to bring her to the garden and she refused. I then left her to rest and somehow she asked me to take her to the garden in a later time. I agreed and during the time when we were in the garden, we talked about so much and she opened her self about the fears she had about her death and the future of her children. I felt that at this point, I cannot say anything that would better the situation. Instead of thinking what I could advice to her, I just kept quiet and practically listened to her.

After the talk with Anna, I brought her back to the room and prepared her for resting. She then thanked me for staying with her the whole day and mentioned that I will make a good nurse in the future. I became teary eyed and satisfied with the duties I was able to complete that day. At first, I did not realize how important it is to listen to a patient’s thoughts as it was important to make sure that her medication is given careful attention to. But after this incident, I saw how equally important both procedures of nursing was.

Anna later on introduced me with her husband and two daughters. I then visited her after such time and actually felt good about seeing her smile at me. I helped her new nurse as she was being dressed as I talked to her and told her how much I missed her and continuously hoped that somehow she would get better faster which I think has actually been true during the past few months of staying at the clinic.

This experience with Anna actually provided me a better chance of seeing how my profession does not only involve medical care assistance such as that of infection prevention control, but it also involves the capability of one to actually use the psychology of nursing that is better established through implying effective communication and conversation with the patients.


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