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I developed interest in writing very early in life and came to love the task. I always find new things to write about, and I always have a pen and paper to put down my ideas. This laid a firm foundation for writing that I had to do in High School. This is because these writings are compulsory, and all disciplines require, at some point, some writing. I love writing. Writing makes me seek to find some things to write about, and this increases my knowledge. It also gives me constructive things to do during my spare time. My level of writing had grown a lot before taking this class. Writing requires a lot of practice, and I had enough writing experience to guide me through this class. These skills are indispensable to any person proceeding to university since one will be required to write a lot of assignments (Harper 45)

An example of an essay I have written is the “Eleven” Story; this is an analysis of a story called the “Eleven" Story. I was expected to write about the conflicts that occur in the society as well as to show how literary devices such as the first person narration, irony, and similes are used. After I had read the story, it became very easy to write this paper. This is because I found a direct association with the things discussed in this paper. The story discusses things that happen in the society. Evidently, as shown in the paper, the society expects a lot from children of 11 years old. As a member of the society, I understand this, and it was very easy to write the paper.

I liked writing on this topic a lot. The society inspired me to write about the topic since the main themes in this story are based on the relations of people in the society.


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