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Throughout my endeavors as a preschool teacher, I find that watching the threes and fours play is the most fascinating encounter. The world around this particular age is one that is akin to “the play years”, and this is particularly the learning technique for my pupils. As they explore their identity, I find this most entertaining since they clearly bring out their achievements despite their young age. They work against all odds to become competent players, and every time I introduce a new trend of games, they bond well, proving that, indeed, it is their age.

This paper explores the life of a three-year-old child (I will refer to this child as “A”), whom I observed for the purpose of this study. My aim is to show that “A” is physically, cognitively and socially oriented to become a great woman. “A” is continually absorbing the chain of steps in life and likes the “play years”. She knows much about life and living positively through the paces of the play age, which, according to my observation, is her passion.

I chose her for study in this research because I have spent most of the time with her. She seems to be a good role model for her peers. Her mother escorts her to school every day in the morning and picks her up in the evening. At first, I used to feel that her mother was unjustified to leave her alone in the cold of the morning at the school gate, but the noble fact that she needs education supersedes the theory. The most rigorous task that she performs is how she bets her mother goodbye. When she arrives at the gate, she snatches the bag from her mother, puts her lunch box inside the bag, and then dashes away from her mother to clutch the hand of her friend. As they meet with her friend, they often chat about the meals they had for supper and brag about what their parents promised to buy them. At break time, she and her friends explore good time outside the classroom. She always grabs the ball, runs with it around the field, and eventually throws it at a friend. The interpretation for this play is that she can coordinate balance within the frame of her body as she can run with the ball. The fact that she can withstand the force of gravity while running with the ball shows that the balance stems from her body being less heavy at the top, which allows for a downward shift of centre gravity, enabling her to withstand the pull to initiate the stand still. This keeps her to her feet. The fact that “A” can withstand the weight of the ball and throw it to her peers while in motion proves that her gross motor skills are developed.

While at play, “A” cries and wails very loud, making a lot of noise and singing all forms of songs I teach them in class. She is engrossed in singing and dancing even while playing the ball. This shows that her memory is developing; it amazes me that most of her songs are about most of the things I teach them in class. She pairs up the other children in concentric circles to recite the alphabet while presenting herself as a teacher and the others play the role of students. In such dummy classes organized on a grass lawn in the field, she tries to behave as a teacher. She holds a stick pretending to be punishing pupils who do not give correct answers, which is a full application of what she observes in class. This means that her memory has developed, while her judgment is sane. Most of her playthings are those found in the kitchen, as if she would take a stick for a cooking stick and a bottle top for a cooking pan. This proves that she identifies her role as a girl, or she likes what she sees her mother do in the kitchen. When break time is over, she runs to class fast to compete for the first position with her friends. She often becomes victorious; and when I get to class, she retells me about the position she arrived in class. This has proved to me that she is indeed results oriented. Everything she does, she turns it into a game, which shows that she is living her age.

In conclusion, observation of a three-year-old girl shows a center stage of play, which is ultimately the major activity at this age. The developmental factor at this stage is the ability to balance the body movements without toppling over. This is the gross motor activity that involves the ability to coordinate balance, which stems from the body being less heavy to enable the center gravity to shift downwards. The skills are a great tactic, which lacks most of the children at this play age, who often topple over in case of any gross motion. The fact that the playthings at this age define the sex shows that the sense of roles is slowly articulating at this stage. The only code of conduct at this stage is being playful, while reciting all the things they have learnt. Therefore, this stage is critical in shaping the life of the children as they like imitating what they see and hear but exercise it in play activities.


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