Free «How Comprehensive Technology Plan Can Increase Productivity and Efficiency for Both Students and Teachers» Essay Sample

With modern development and advancement of technology, education has been revolutionized significantly. The world of education has been made a global village with everybody being capable of acquiring recognized certificates and degrees from any university across the world. Education has gone online with teachers and students interacting smoothly and with ease without necessarily moving to one place- school- like ancient times.

Nevertheless, in order to increase productivity and efficiency for both students and teachers, a comprehensive technology plan is highly required. This is because it will provide teachers and students with a proper guidelines and basis through which they can interact. This fact has presented itself clearly in my comprehensive technology plan. My comprehensive technology plan can increase productivity and efficiency for both students and teachers in that it first creates and defines the basis and means through which students and teachers will interact.

In order to increase productivity and efficiency, both teachers and students ought to know their duties and responsibility. They are also supposed to know rules and regulations governing their work and interaction. These facts are specified and described clearly in my comprehensive technology plan.

When interacting online, there are numerous websites which students and teachers will visit or come across. Nevertheless, not all these websites are good for student or teacher to use or visit due to online predators and scammers. Hence, there is need to allow them to use certain websites and restrict them from using others. This will prevent them from being abused or fraud. It will also prevent them from violating copyrights of other people. These facts have been highlighted and discussed in depth in my comprehensive technology plan. My comprehensive technology plans describes copyright issues and provide teachers and students with educational websites necessary for them to use. This will help to improve their security and committing crimes related to copyrights.

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Communication is a key factor needed to attain successful productivity and efficiency in any organization or institution. There is need to have a proper communication channel from school administrators, teachers and students- in academic institutions for instance. Teachers and students should be provided with proper means of communication when using technology. Both should be allowed to raise their views and concerns. However, ensuring a smooth flow of information from teachers to students has proved to be a major challenge among numerous academic institutions. Consequently, it has dragged behind and affected negatively productivity and efficiency for both students and teachers.

However, when followed keenly, my comprehensive technology plan will help to resolve these issues significantly. This is due to the fact that my comprehensive technology plan provides both teachers and students with quite a number of proper and cheap means of communication. For instance, it describes and encourages the use of blogs which will enable teachers to communicate and pass information smoothly to students. It also permits student to communicate with one another and even discuss different topics.

My comprehensive technology plan also facilitate easy communication between students and teachers by insisting that students should provide all basic information about them and their parents’ including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, and street addresses. This information helps a lot and facilitates easy communication between teachers and students, and parents where necessary. There are many other different means described in my comprehensive technology plan which if used will boost and enhance easy communication between teachers and students hence leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Ethics and ethical behavior is also a key factor in increased productivity and efficiency. Thus, in order to attain high productivity and efficiency between teachers and students high degree of ethics particularly technology ethics and moral behaviors ought to observed and maintained in classroom and online. The students should be moral enough to avoid plagiarism, visiting prohibited websites including ones with pornography, among others. Teachers and students should have high level of respect towards one another. Teachers should respect each other due to the fact that they serve as role models. Students should also respect each other as well.

Due to this increased of ethics and moral behaviors and its significance, my comprehensive technology plan has provided a good guideline and basis also stipulates how teachers and students should behave in different environments. In fact, technology ethics is one of its major concerns as describes it and even explains its negative effects on productivity and efficiency.

In general, my comprehensive technology plan is a key factor towards achieving increased productivity and efficiency for both students and teachers. This is because it provides clearly guidelines and factors that if followed will ensure that there is high productivity and efficiency for both teachers and students beyond imagination. Thus we only need to follow my comprehensive technology plan and we will achieve all objectives that we have ever dreamed of particularly high productivity and efficiency for both students and teachers.

In conclude, the use of technology in academic sector has boosted the level of education across the world. It has enabled everybody to be educated from an academic institution of his or her choice. The use and adoption of technology in classrooms and schools have encountered numerous challenges that were proved to be difficult to solve initially. However, with modern developments and revolutions, most challenges that were encountered initially have been solved successfully. High level of respect and morality has been maintained between teachers and students. Many academic websites have been developed and provided to students to help them gather and search for their academic information. The concept of copyright has also been fully addressed as students are allowed to visit and use authorized websites alone. As a result, these facts have led to high productivity and efficiency for both students and teachers as signified by good results obtained by students.


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