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Mathew Williamson is a great artist, judging from his work posted on the blog. In my opinion, the sound track is catchy, therefore, drawing a lot of attention to the video My Blog So Far. He made the interface so interesting to make the audience want more of his blog because of using phrases such as “this is a cool blog do you know what you fighting for?” However, the slideshow was quite fast, hence, I could not relate to any of the images, neither could I understand them at a first glance. The best part of the video was towards the end as I saw a simple blog page that was very interactive, followed by an image to suggest that quite a number of people have commented on this particular blog. I think it is a simple and artistic way of expressing thoughts and feelings.

From my point of view, the crystals represent a classy and advanced type of a blog. I feel that the rotating objects in the video show a lot of continuity and completeness. Moreover, the blogger talking about the iPhone made me think that he wanted to enlarge his market through phone applications. I guess when Williamson mentions an iPhone application, he wants to bring an element of class on a very popular website or blog for that matter. Consequently, I see that the characters in the video are metaphorical and imaginary. More so, the three dimensional graphical representation of the objects is a clear picture of his vast imagination and thinking to bring out quality in his works. The blog “Down and Out 1-5” is as marvelous, especially in its theme, rainbow colors, which demonstrate a sign of completeness to me.

I feel that in the video ‘Down and out 6-10’, the objects and diagrams represent whatever he is talking about. The objects and symbols as per my understanding indicate that this blog has a deeper meaning than just its contents. For example, talking of weird and displaying a bizarre picture in the background of the videos suggest that his blog will be interactive and interesting hence acting as a source of entertainment. The phrase ‘no internet connection, try again,’ to me is a modest way of showing that to access this blog you must have permission. He uses very interesting phrases to communicate his intentions. It seems that when he mentions wanting his blog bought is symbolic to show that he wants a free website. This means that he wants a worldwide blog that helps people. To sum up, in all the videos all the elements such as pictures, words and the sound are in sync and demonstrate harmony to show tremendous performance for the blog.


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