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When looking at this article, Sexual Diversity, it is apparent that the have a valid and a logical argument. Sex, gender and sexuality have been issues under hot debate with different sexologists coming up with different theories and ideas. Many people have come up with different issues that happen in our sexual lives. However, it is true and logical as the author of this article (sexual diversity) that all these assumptions and theories that few is known a bout our sexual lives as he argues in the article.

The author’s argument is logical since it is true that so little is known about what individuals across the globe actually do in bed or in other places where they reside hence most statements in regard to human sexual variances are speculative. This has proved itself in numerous cases as asserted by the author where different sexologists have come up with different conclusions on the same issues. People have taken for granted certain issues related to sexuality and tend to believe in what they hear and not in what they see. It these issues that the author is disputing in this article and tries to dig deep into the truth that we can see and not only hearing.

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After reading this article, the reading make readers question or think about something else. For instance, those who knew or believed that the world was naturally divided into two, mutually exclusive groups of male and female will be left with a lot to think about when the learn after reading this article that this is not actually the case. There are many other facts in the article that will leave the reader thinking or questioning.

After reading this article, readers will be left with many questions to ask including; whether male and female are the only natural groups which organisms belongs to. Is it actually true that there is an organism that can have both male and female features? In absence of a male organism will reproduction take place? These among others are the questions which the reader will be asking him/herself after reading this article. This reading is related to genetically modified organisms (GMO) that has proved to be the main means of production today. Just like in the article, GMO technology has led to manufacture of crops and animals that mature quickly hence changing what we actually knew and believed in initially.

This reading enabled me to understand that gender, sex, and sexuality is actually beyond what we think or know and that it needs critical thinking in order to know the truth. In addition, it brought to my attention that male and female are not the only mutually exclusive groups the way I used to know and think.


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